Saturday, September 8, 2012

Where have all the cowboys gone?

well definitely not the Glenwood BBQ, thats for sure,
i guess we'll have to look elsewhere...
If it involves free food, we are there. Even if it entails dressing up as cowgirls. [ok whatever we were so excited to dress up as cowgirls.] Since being out in Utah, i have gotten more free food than i know what to do with. Partially because with Heather as my room mate, she knows where all the free food is within a 10 mile radius. So anyway we all got cute [minus Tara who was on a date!] and went to a different complex...haha that we dont even live at for free food. In hopes that there would be some cute cowboys, because we love dressing up and well, we were hungry.
When i think about my room mates i feel so lucky! They are the best group of girls a girl could get. You wouldnt believe the amount of roomie horror stories i hear on a daily basis but we all just click so well. Everyone is so funny, nice, fun and the best trait sassy. I am so blessed. We even made a roomie to do list! that i am so excited about. This is gonna be a great year :)

xoxo Cait xoxo

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