Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The woes of a blind dater

I dont like dating in general so the idea of a blind date is slightly dreadful. This semester many people have tried to set me up on blind dates. Which to me is funny because i dont like anyone so when people try i'm basically setting them up for failure. But anyway, i made a promise that i would say yes to every date from now on and give people a chance, i said sure. So a week ago i had my first blind date...ever actually. Today my institute teacher told us that we need not be so critical of everything our date does and stop pointing fingers which in all honesty is the first thing i came home and did. I sat on the couch and told my room mates every single reason in which there wouldnt be a second date. I think that youre right Brother Sackett so heres my formal apology, next time i will only point out positive things.
I'm sorry that when you let me go through your ipod i judged you for having the song "save a horse ride a cowboy" on it [worst song] instead of focusing on the fact that you, like me, enjoy country music. I'm sorry that the soccer game and not you was my main focus. I'm sorry that when you said "that was a great shot" [when it was right to the goalie..] i looked at you like you had 4 heads. I'm also sorry that i was secretly angry you made me miss the best goal of the game. I'm sorry i have no patience for the awkard first date questions and think they are stupid like "if you could eat one meal right now what would it be..." I'm sorry that i didnt understand your bromance with the guy in the other couple we went with and i'm sorry i didnt entertain you enough to not break your neck everytime he said your name. I'm sorry that even though we both wanna go to Ireland, we wont be going together. I'm sorry i kept wincing when you would yell talk in my ear. I'm sorry that i really wanted to hear the dating game at half time and you obviously didnt bc you kept talking...I'm sorry i thought it was weird that you said you like to drink milk straight from a cow, and when you said "i hope you dont think this is weird" it reaffirmed in my mind that it was normal i thought it was weird...i'm sorry about that too...I'm sorry that after the game when you asked if i was hungry i said no pretty darn fast...even though i was. I'm sorry that i cant stand when boys brag about their knowledge of sports and cars- show me, dont tell me...over and over and over...I'm sorry i didnt drink the water you got me [i dont know why i'm really sorry about this one?]. Sorry that i saw that beautiful boy from my ward on a date with another girl and wished it was me. <----prob biggest sorry. my bad. I'm sure even after all this i would go on another blind date and be more open because it does work for a lot of people.
Next time i'll be a little less like this:
and a little more like this:
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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