Wednesday, September 19, 2012

But sometimes...

 Sometimes your brother texts you for fashion advice and you love it. And then sometimes he says "caities definition of poor is she has to wait one more week to buy the pair of shoes she wants." hahaha. Sometimes really cute boys come to your apt and as they leave you look at your roomies and say..."well, they wont be coming back." Because sometimes you and your room mates say things like this:
 "i just like touching peoples outsides."
 "umm no i would love it if Nick jonas woke me up every morning..."
"do you ride dirtbikes? you look like one."
"dont worry, you dont look like a dirtbike.."
"ohmygosh i didnt mean that! you dont look like a dirtbike!"
"thank you...i needed that clarification..."
"what if we answered the door with our shirts off?"
"more boys would come over..."

"someone kiss an ex real fast bc i want cheesecake"

But sometimes those boys come back because i guess sometimes boys like to laugh? Sometimes i dont think theres anything more attractive than guys in suits on motorcycles...well except if i was on the back too...Sometimes i have to pass this stupid alcohol training test online before i can start serving and sometimes my manager says itll take you about 3 hours and sometimes you smile and say okay because he doesnt know me and then sometimes it takes you about 8 hours because dont worry, sometimes you cant skip things and when you try it starts over from that section again and sometimes you are so stubborn and think there might be a loophole that no one except well you will figure out so you keep trying- consequently resulting in an 8 hour test instead of 3. Then sometimes your computer shuts off while taking it and then sometimes you try to finish it at school and theres a firedrill. REALLY. Sometimes i am too concerned about this stupid test and saving a paper i wrote that i dont care if i burn alive, no one is getting me out of this building until i finish this. Sometimes you fail the first time and no one is supportive and they think its funny and then you show them some questions and gain some support back but thankfully on the second and last time you can take it you get an 84%. Hey sometimes you just gotta take it. Sometimes you tell Heather were having regional conference at the stake center and she insists its at the marriott center even though it wasnt our stake but oh well, you got to sit next to Jared the whole time. Sometimes Jared is very entertaining. And sometimes Dallin H Oaks gives the most amazing talk! Ah love him.
Sometimes i forget how to bake and burn two batches of chocolate chip cookies! And then sometimes i need to call for reinforcements- big thanks to kenna. ps- this never happens...Sometimes you think age is just a number and you are trying to tell you roomies you always like older guys and you always will. But sometimes your roomies go off on a tangent saying things like this "hell take your kids to school and the other kids will be like whys your gpa here? and theyll make fun of him" or "youll be a widow at 60!" and sometimes you end up in hysterics because if you had heard the voices they were using and the ridiculous things they were saying youd be laughing too. Sometimes the bus this semester is OUTTA HAND. And you are tired of feeling like a sardine. Sometimes you get a new job! (i feel like i am always saying that...) and LOVE IT. Sometimes your boss is so supportive and compliments you and makes you feel like youre gonna be the best server ever. He tells you youre gonna be a BAD A server and one of his top 5 servers. And sometimes you are so blessed and getting a job here was fate. Sometimes your roomie wants you to be fat and tries to feed you oreos in bed and you really love oreos and you ask her whose paying her to sabotage you...Sometimes boys come over to take food and they are your fhe brothers so youre like ok? why not and then they take food and leave after 5 minutes without saying thank you and all you can think is "bouche dags." Sometimes now you think you have a reason to skip FHE...Sometimes you have an argument about what position chewbacca would be working in if he worked at your restaurant...Sometimes your apt NEVER has clean utensils. like ever. especially spoons. So sometimes when boys come over for dessert you laugh as you look around the room and boys are eating with measuring spoons, wooden spoons and extremely large spoons. uh sorry guys...Sometimes you cant help but look at guys and compare them to people. So sometimes the goonies is on tv and now you can help but compare your friends friend to this guy! and sometimes you arent even trying to be mean you just cant help but compare people. and sometimes everyone agrees and now your roomie cant help but laugh everytime she hears his name now...and sometimes the weird part is the guy is still attractive...
you are deformed creature, you are.
Sometimes you will seriously delete every single person off fb who posts their opinions about politics. Hey you have freedom of speech and i have freedom to delete you. Sometimes you tear up in health because a hoarder says hes lonely and thats why he hoards and hes just so old and cute you feel so sad. Sometimes you come home from work to a smores cupcake which are two of your most favorite things in the entire world combined! and you know you have the best room mates ever. Because sometimes you think if you ate one of those every single day for the rest of your life- it really would be okay. Sometimes you spend 2 hours picking out an outfit for a blind date...and then sometimes it turns into a photo shoot...whoops.
Sometimes Maryland oatmeal is better than Utah oatmeal so you have your mom send some out in the next package. Cause sometimes MD is better at a lot of things...Sometimes your favorite person tells you they tried visiting you at work on Monday AND called your work to see if you were working. :O WHAT. Sometimes  News like this always makes me happy! Sometimes things never change, even after so much time has gone by. Sometimes i am having back problems at 21 and i am saddened by this bc hunchbacks are not the cutest things around...Sometimes when you see someone and you are so unbelievably happy you know you need to keep that person in your life no matter what. Because sometimes finding someone who just gets you is so hard. And finding someone who asks you questions bc they actually want to know the answer is even harder and just talking to them about nothing is something. But sometimes you find the exact same person but better. :) And sometimes i am blogging and talking to cute boys who come over with yummy cookies and pouring out my guts to heather when i really need to just do homework so bye!
Sometimes i'm sorry this post is long but i have a lot of thoughts.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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