Tuesday, September 25, 2012

cheers to the freakin weekend

well instead of work i did the following:

-kenna's family had us over for dinner- cafe rio pork tacos, homemade mint chocolate chip icecream and brownies? I think yes. oh and this was our view: absolute perfection
-Kaley and i went to City Creek! where we did what we do best, eat. 3 words: kneaders pumpkin bread. K treated me for lunch for my bday [yeah its been THAT long since i've seen her] #luvufall
- the roomies and i had the opporunity to watch the Brigham City temple dedication! It was amazing-i've never seen one before & i cant wait to go inside. #i love my roomies
-i got to drive Heathers old car for her & i love driving
-i did a little shopping and FINALLY found an old 6 panel window that i have in mind for a craft. I have been searching forever and K and i went to this little antique place that was right up my alley and voila, window. cant wait to get started :)
oh and elsewhere i got this $4 scarf!#loveloveloveplaid #forever21
-made waffles since i missed waffle wednesday #waffle friday
seeing corinne & filling up on sample cups at yogurtland, awkward movie nights with boys in the ward, seeing sizz friends, saw chase, went to an awk byu party for 2 mins, spending all day with K and going to Syds reception #photobooth fail #BFF #"why didnt you press black & white!"
could the bride be any prettier? CONGRATS sydy!
-i got to wear my neon yellow windbreaker/raincoat! Originally $80 at Urban Outfitters but i got it for $20. Guess there is a "method to my madness" as my parents would say. #cheshirecatsmile #favcolor
-and then i helped heather clean out her car and by helped heather clean out her car i mean i was a distraction for Kailyn and Heather...hey, what are best friends for? #you'rewelcome

-i ran 6 miles. woohoo
and i will leave you with some Hunter Hayes since i cant stop listening to him right now.
also check out if you told me to and what you gonna do. I guess i can thank work for my new found love
i enjoyed my last weekend before i work through them from now on.
Hope you had a great weekend!
xoxox CAIT xoxox

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