Monday, November 19, 2012

BABE-raham Lincoln

Sometimes when a boy tells you "if you were a president then you'd be BABE-raham Lincoln." you think it is one of the funniest lines you have ever heard. Sometimes you cant cross off "take a 4 hour Sunday nap," off your to do list because well it only lasted about 30 minutes before you are woken up to a distraught "CAITLIN! are you awake?!" well i am now...Sometimes your home teachers come over and instead of being able to feel the spirit you cant help but notice all the leaves that were tracked in on the spotless just vaccumed 20 minutes ago floor. "Is there anything we can do for you?" yes please pick up every leaf that is now crushed into my floor..."no were good thank you!" Sometimes a peaceful and spiritual Sunday dinner is interrupted immediately post prayer with a "what the eff!!" and sunday football viewing priveleges are revoked. Sometimes you wonder if being able to quote elf backwards and forwards would be appropriate to place on resumes. Sometimes this is the truth but you cant always blame the boys for thinking this bc lets be honest, you could probably find a way to flirt with a brick wall...
Sometimes the boy brings a robot to ward prayer and you feel so much better about yourself and your room mates do impressions of him holding her up since well shes a robot an all and shes susceptable to siezures. Sometimes your work thinks its acceptable to have a meeting at 8:30 on a Saturday morning...about alcohol...something you already learned but cool. Sometimes you go shopping in Park City and find shirts that make you look like a candycane and while looking like an item of food can be good it can also be bad...Sometimes you finally get a stain out of your favorite neon yellow shirt and then plan on wearing it every single day-acceptable right? Sometimes you feel bad when you nearly blind traffic when wearing it. Sometimes when boys play guitar and have a jam session in your living room by putting random song lyrics into a beat its so sexy and STUPID. Sometimes the meowing thing goes from a just in the apt kinda thing to out in public and its concerning. Oh no, how did this happen?? Sometimes you spend $4 on wrapping paper but oh well because its glitter but it ends up being like a foot long and youre feeling a little jipped and now glitter is everywhere. Sometimes decorating the apt means sitting down after a long day at work and telling k and j what to do..."guys i'm supervisor.." Sometimes you know what jared means we he says you are good at getting people to do things for you...Sometimes a boy tells you your ripped pants are out of style...really boy? i have great style. Sometimes after Tuesday night you cant stop laughing about this song bc sometimes you really really love Amish people and well its hilarious:
 Sometimes you know youre getting close to someone when you start adjusting your bra and talking about how you need a new one...hey i speak the truth. Sometimes you have an awkward dream about a boy in the ward and when youre room mate tells you its probably a good idea to not tell forget.sometimes your room mate prays that you will be "calm and collected" if when you get stuck under the mistletoe with a jonas brother. Thanks girl. Sometimes your apt has so many nicknames for people you all know that it starts getting hard to not publically call the person that sometimes not so pleasant nickname. Sometimes your room mate trys to end a story with "and then he left..." but you dont buy it and she runs away screaming "HE LEFT HE LEFT" and you chase her into the bathroom and attack her and then sometimes come to find out your best guy friend made out with your room mate....coool. But sometimes it really is cool bc you love them both. Sometimes being a 5th wheel is fun! said no one ever. And sometimes when the "couples" start nesting on the couch, you know its time for bed. Sometimes when the jazz game goes into triple OT its acceptable to bring the fish bowls onto the floor and let them watch the game bc they want in on some action too. Sometimes you never realized how fun it is to go driving and yell at random people on byu campus. Sometimes you think youre Rachel Ray and try to whip up your sisters chicken and rice recipe and it does not taste like hers. But sometimes its still good enough to take to work for a friend and he responds with "well i think your sisters sucks!" to try and make you feel better even though hes never had hers... Sometimes the idea everyone has in their heads of pushing someone up against a wall and kissing them as passionate would in reality probably be dangerous because sometimes my room mate does demonstrations on how it could go wrong. Sometimes i text your instead of you're and i dont notice until later and its KILLING me bc hes gonna think im stupid but its too late. Sike its never too late for proper grammer.

"i know how to seduce a boy but getting him to like me? thats difficult!"
"you do?!" [all excited]
"oh my gosh its a boy, its easy, take off a sock..."

"i came out and i wasnt wearing a bra...yes i did just say that"
"i think we are too comfortable with jared now..."

"you should have given them a bro tax, an extra 20% for being so obnoxious"

"ok fine, you guys skinny dipped...why is this taking so long, how many girls do you do that with??"
"hey actually what are you doing later tonight..."

"do you think i'm the meanest manager?"
long pause""
"you paused!!"

"apples and gumdrops... humming to the sound of music..i dont think those are the words"
"ummm those are most definitely not the words..."

"you know whats important? pheremones. they are what attract people to you chemically."
panicked. "maybe mine are broken, i need new ones!"

"Caitlin youre great!"
"how many people did you just tell that to..."
"like 3..."

xoxo CAIT xoxo

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