Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hey Lakers, you suck

Last night i went to my first Jazz game. it was the best thing ever. We got sweet jerseys and did our nails special for the game. Number  1 fans? i think so.
I seriously can not get over how much fun basketball games are. I love sports in general but basketball along with soccer games have always been my favorite. It wasnt the NBA game i've seen though, i've seen the Wizards play before but it just wasnt the same. Basketball games are so easy for me to get into because i've played basketball since 5th grade and know the sport very well. However, that does not mean i am good at playing it haha. I dont really have the height thing going for me like my mom did but i always loved playing and mom loved coaching. I love the atmosphere of sporting events, the cheering and the competition with other fans. We basically had the cast of jersey shore sitting in front of us and they were Lakers  fans so cheering obnoxiously was that much better. I think Kailyn got to see a new side of me...haha that she loves so much.
"you arent allowed to play defense outside the 3 point line..."
"wow this is a whole new game"
"Caitlin taught me everything i know!"
"wait what? i didnt teach you that.."
"oh actually steve taught me everything i know..."
Heather enjoyed sharing with us all of her basketball knowledge and it made my night. I had the best and most fun night. I can not wait to go to another game! GO JAZZ.
ps KOBE- you're the worst.
pps i may or may not have slept in my jazz jersey last night and i would probably still be wearing it right now except K was wearing hers and we didnt wanna look like goons.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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