Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Me so thankful

This Thanksgiving I again spent my time with my Utah family, the Mickels.
I headed down the night before and got to spend all day with them. It made me so thankful that i got to spend Thanksgiving with a great family since i couldnt be with my own. I made a lovely list of things i'm thankful for:
i'm thankful for my new mustard pants {that i have been searching for months for!},
my roomie Ken who got me a 30% discount on them
and the hate texts i got when i told my family and friends i got them bc apparently everyone had planned on getting them for me and "i shouldnt be buying myself things around christmas time..." whoops
That even though my apt doesnt have a can opener or a rolling pin i still somehow managed to make my very first pumpkin pie from scratch with a mason jar and a thing i had to slowly poke around all the cans...being a pilgrim was probably the worst thing ever....

i'm thankful for my brother and the awesome voicemail he left me on Thanksgiving! Which is great because my brother is the busiest person ever.

i'm thankful that i used a 22250 and hit a little pumpkin from 100 yards dead on my first shot. #prostatus and shannon responds with "beast. good to know youll be good in the apocalypse" Impressing the Mickels was a plus.
i'm thankful for my dad and the advice he gives me: "if you can cook and shoot a gun youre set...they wont even care how you look." Then my mom chimes in with "but you have all three so youre a triple threat." dad-"you'll make somebody a really happy cook someday." "Uh dad i think you worded that wrong...I'm also thankful when dads supportive of my love life.."sounds like a regular latter day saint soap opera to me!"...thanks dad but this is serious...

i'm thankful that i am still attractive enough to get whistled and yelled at when i'm out walking. While some find this offensive *cough adele* i dont.
but lets be real...
I'm thankful that i dont have children and can sleep through the night! because after spending this past week with two families and a total of like 6 babies i am SO grateful.

I am so thankful for everything in my life.
my family. friends. room mates. the gospel. dogs. & pumpkin pie.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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