Saturday, November 10, 2012

word of the day {thankful}

Thankful is an appropriate word for my life as of late.

thankful: I'm thankful that when my debit card declined yesterday right after i put cash in my account i didn't call the bank right on the spot and use some choice words! freak or heck
thankful: i'm thankful that when the girl working at uvu condescendingly asked me how i had managed to break my bus pass for the 3rd time the only thing i can do is smile

thankful: i'm thankful that after i explain how i managed to break 3 bus passes {see above} when the girl tells me it'll be $65 to fix it i say umm no. After some impressive persuasion techniques i walk away with only having to pay $15. score.

thankful: that when i tell my room mate i think i'm starting to get an ear infection and she goes how do you know? " ear hurts..." that i dont have like the stomache virus or something...thats definitely worse

thankful: when i hurt my wrist in which i carry trays at work and go around telling people my wrist is "sprained, stressed, fractured, broken, etc" basically whatever came to mind-that i dont manage to drop a tray of food on a small child because well then i would be unemployed.

thankful: that after my bank tells me that my card was cancelled and i have to get a new one i had just put all my cash in my account and have no cash

thankful: that on top of everthing not working yesterday when i call to complain to mom, the sound on my phone is conveniently no longer working.- mom was probably thankful for this one

thankful: that when i saw a cute boy who i havent talked to in a while i was having a meltdown about the above day on my broken phone he did not see me up close because well i looked like a troll. Seeing me from far away was bad enough

thankful: that after the dreadful day and a 3 hour nap to try and forget the dreadful day the JAZZ pulled out a big W. Thank heavens something went right.

thankful: when the sound on my phone isnt working i consequently miss my early class. i am thankful i missed yet another boring lecture and that i am allowed to miss one day so im okay.

what a good day.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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