Saturday, November 10, 2012

"we wont be kissing tonight..."

"WHATTTT? i dont care if hes a troll or 3 feet tall you go with him!!"on when a boy wants to take you to tucanos. this was the last thing i heard before i went on my date Thursday night. most first dates of mine go like this-but this one didnt
It was in reference to this: "yeah like something really good. like tucanos or carrabbas." -neither of which i have been to. Let me first start off by saying i dont think first dates should be super expensive things because it makes me personally feel awkward and pressured to basically fall in love with the dude. I left him waiting for about 15 minutes while i consulted with friends, room mates and my mom. I didnt even really need to bother with my mom because i knew she'd be all for it...and she was. It was a last minute date and i wasnt even ready so i responded with ahh i have to get ready which he responded awesome! umm ok, i didnt know that was a yes, well i guess i'm going. About 45 minutes later theres a knock on the door and standing there is...lets call him Chris and might i add hes a fellow East coaster like myself.
We definitely did not have this problem...
We walk out to the car and Chris goes " i hope this isnt weird but you smell great." check.- always a goal of mine. "when the wind blew i just got a wiff and its nice." Dont worry instead of simply saying thank you i then start rambling about how i accidentally bought boy gel and it smells like a boy and then i cant stop so i just go on and on. I know this probably sounds like it was awkward but it wasnt, Chris laughed at everything i said. He follows up with "well i dont think you smell like a boy." He doesnt ask me where i wanna go or anything he just starts driving, which is good because on a first date i dont wanna make too many decisions haha. Call my lazy but i just want him to plan it. I warn him that i dont like awkward dates- no pressure right and he laughs and goes "well now i'm gonna play footsy under the table and try to hold you close." As were getting closer to the Riverwoods i casually ask where were going, a question to which i was pretty sure i already knew the answer. "Tucanos." Btw Tucanos is expensive."well i havent been to any of these places-we can go to any of these..." "Are you a vegetarian.?" pause. "yes." i tried lying because i felt bad. "Has anyone ever told you youre a terrible liar?" "oh all the time, but a lot of time people think i'm lying when i'm not cause i always smile.""We really dont need to eat here...""its okay i have a real job ;)" We walk in and he holds doors and all that date stuff. After we get seated the waiter comes over and tells us about the brazilian lemonades. I ignore this, fully intent on getting water. Chris orders two. "I was just gonna order water..." Then the guy tells us we can get started. For those of you who havent been to tucanos theres like a buffet of sides and things and then the waiters just bring around all this meat and asks if you want it and then put it on your plate. So basically every 4 minutes another guy with another type of meat is at your table. Not gonna like its kinda overwhelming and i didnt know what to do. I think its a place i would go with a bunch of friends but not on a date. The date was going surprisingly well. I can sum it up into three topics:
2. compliments
3. awkward
No, not because the date itself was awkward or bc we kissed . Please guys, it was the first date...sooo somehow awkward first date stories came up and then awkward first kiss stories. i am NOT prepared for this. He tells me both of his but i dont move to tell anything. He persists."Do you kiss on the first date?" "Well i dont kiss boys." "ever??" "nope." "oh" "i mean boys have kissed me but i last time that happened i punched him..." "YOU WHAT?" hes laughing...i'm not. "I'm serious-it wasnt hard" "Well when i kiss you i'll wear a football helmets and shoulder pads so you know its coming and then it wont hurt when you punch me" A little presumptious huh. He asks me to teach him some signs-just take a guess what sign he wanted to know first....kiss. He tells me about some of his moves and how girls kiss him on the first date. I inform him that he picks some classy ladies. I also tell him now he cant try those moves on me thank goodness but then tell him they wouldnt have worked anyway. He then goes ill just have to be "real" now. I think this was a move...Then onto the compliments. He compliments my earrings, my style, he tells me i seem so cultured partially bc i had a specific fav place in NY{well if anyone brings up New York i could tell you everything...}. I really like compliments but when theres a lot i dont like it.He also told me that when i'm really into talking about something? that i lift my eyebrow almost like the rock. COOL. I then spend the next 5 minutes holding my eyebrow down. "No its cute! i really like it." So he wanted to pretend it was my birthday but i didnt feel like standing on my chair so i said how bout we pretend its yours? He was all for it but then we forget so at the end he goes "how about we pretend that its my birthday another another restaurant?" I am watching the birthday boy embarrass himself and pretend i dont hear. I didnt know if i wanted to committ to anything yet but then he asks me again. I dont think pretending i didnt hear again would i agree. When the check comes he pushes it towards me with his hand still on it and i go to grab it and he pulls it back. The bill was a little ridiculous bc well the restaurant is a little ridiculous. On the way home he is being so funny and singing to the music...terribly i might add haha but i love it when guys do this. He insisted i join in but i opted out. Sorry not comfortable enough witcha yet boy. As he parks he goes okay- i know how you feel about awkwardness and dates so i'm gonna walk you up and just hug you and then go okay? Hahah "thanks for the play by play." No really, thanks. So he did and i apologized that he had a good drive ahead of him but he goes "it was worth it" and then stood around so then i start to panick and ramble about how this was a reason i didnt like dates and he basically grabbed me and hugged me and turned to leave real fast haha. Well thats one way to get them to go i guess...The date went really well-i even sent a post date text...even though i wanted him to but i was told the girl is supposed to do it...I had a lot of fun though and then right after that date another guy called and asked me on a date. 4 dates in one week! Except due to my lovely work and school schedule i can barely go on one...
To sum up my thoughts on dating, boys & committment...lets be real though

i must have some bc when jared comes over and says "well whats wrong with him? sounds great" i pause."stop trying to think/make up flaws." "i can though..just wait." "i know you can..."
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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