Thursday, November 8, 2012

"this is the WORST"

Sometimes when you type try to type in nah it gets autocorrected to Baghdad...yes autocorrect, Baghdad is the word i was looking for, i mean since i use that word so much...Sometimes i am concerned people are watching K and i right before we go running like yesterday when we were doing impresonations of us almost falling asleep at the temple. Sometimes watching just 2 min of the coneheads results in an alien voice the rest of the day. Sometimes i am yelling in the phone and Heather turns around looking apalled until i tell her i am yelling at the robot at the bank so all is well. But sometimes yelling at a robot isnt really helpful because they just ask you to repeat what you said over and over again and then the whole situation just gets old. Sometimes youre standing in a circle with a bunch of 19 and 20 year olds who are all talking about how baby hungry they are and you look at your watch and cant help but saying how literally hungry you are...lunch anyone? And sometimes you cant help but think youre a little different bc well babies are so far from your mind right now its not even funny. Sometimes the bus driver thinks its cool that you work at Ruby River and decides to give you all his valuable steak information for 25 MINUTES. Sometimes you are this close to jumping off the bus.."thats ok i'll walk" bc you really cant bare to hear one more thing about a porterhouse steak. Sometimes your movie picking privileges are revoked when you pick a movie like Paranorman and your room mate falls asleep. I would really recommend not seeing this movie for about 10 reasons. Sometimes FHE this week is that really awkward game where youre blindfolded and people make animal noises and you get animals like ostrich and dinosaur. REALLY guys? and for some reason you love the awkward game. Sometimes after watching Rock of Ages you cant help but again think that you should have been alive in the 80's because not only is the music your favorite but just everything. Check it out.
or this version of one of my all time FAVORITE songs.
Sometimes when the most attractive boy in your ward says he wouldnt mind getting thrown up against a wall and kissed you realize nose goes is probably not the most appropriate way to handle that situation. Sometimes you take some friends to this supposed dance party but when you go nobodys dancing and everybodys just staring at the DJ. Sometimes everybody is staring at you all and you realize you forgot your mustaches and hipster glasses and uh well this is awkward. Then sometimes the boy your with goes "uh wheres your "friend"?" and you pretend like you cant find him bc well hes looking a little cray with his long hair and insaneo dance moves. Dont worry though theres always heather to point out which one he is and tell you that you need to stay and at least say hi but the door is really calling your name...lets be real,this was an awkward situation that no one could handle. Sometimes you have been spending a lot of time in cemetarys lately...lets blame Halloween on this. Sometimes when you and a friend spend a certain amount of money on jerseys you get free jazz tickets to the game on Saturday but you work. Oh and sometimes you feel a little satisfaction when you hear all your room mates saying "this is the worst" or "youre the worst" and know that you are the one to blame and if you could stop saying it yourself you would. Sometimes ignorance is bliss bc after being forced to watch this horrible diabetes video in class and now i feel the need to scare everyone with my new found knowledge, including myself. Sometimes i feel like the boy next to me is looking over and reading this post and i am feeling uncomfortable. Is this funny too boy? Its like that feeling when people read your blog outloud to you like you forgot what you wrote and its embarassing. Sometimes dennys is the best place to meet cute boys, have pumpkin pancakes and get excited for The Hobbit. Sometimes when boys say "doesnt she remind you of Natasha?" and the other boy goes "nah, Natasha reminds me of her" and they dont even know you its pretty hilarious. Sometimes the best boy advice you get is from your boss and then "oh dont worry i dont makeout" comes out of your mouth and you then the only solution is to awkwardly walk away. Sometimes one of the nice notes you get is "i hope you find love this week. Oh and you have great hair." and sometimes its from a boy and you had no idea you were looking for love? Sometimes going throughout the day and saying "i bet they voted for obama.." when someone says or does something stupid makes the whole situation a lot more comical.
On to quotes:
"Heather is acting like Jared wants to kill her"
"Uh Jared is acting like Jared wants to kill me"
"Lets make a rule beforehand that you have to buy the icecream before you can kiss the boy a second time"
"Great i will never have to buy icecream then..."
"my teeth arent as white as white as they used to be-oh no i'm letting myself go!"
hunter staring at the pile of money
"i worked the corner...i only made $30, how much do i suck?"
"depends how long you were out there"
"no, they probably wont know they are supposed to give you a nice ring...theyll probably try to give you some twine or something."
"no the stripling warriors are super hot"
"nowhere in the scriptures does it say that..."
"if you cant find a husband in 1,000 years then you are in some serious trouble"
"jared you wont buy your wife a dog?"
"if we did have a dog it would be an outdoor dog and i would build it a doghouse"
"how mean jared! can only do that if you put akitchen and a dining room in there. Maybe some carpet and curtains too.."
"wait was it you wont buy your dog a wife?"

"guess who told me to turn in here? the spirit."
"whadd up spirit?!"

"boys and i do it all the time"

"Caitlin! hes gonna fall in love with you!"
"i'm falling in love with you..."
"well this just got weird."

"its the best feeling in the world...better than love!"
{on rejecting boys/kissed}
xoxo cait xoxo

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