Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Welcome to my mouth

You know how people love to ask that one question when they are getting to know you? or maybe just me because i have embarrassing written on my forehead but anyway, everyone always loves to ask whats your most embarrassing moment? Most people usually think of one but i always without fail respond with "everything i do is embarassing." Embarassing situations just seem to find me. So here ya go, some recent embarassing moments for you. K and I love chips and salsa or should i say "chops and seelsa" but anyway we always like to have them in the house. Well one day we were out so we went to the store and finally found the right salsa so i half turned around and dropped it in the front part of the cart but in reality i did not. It slid through those stupid holes where babies put their legs. First let me just say that that hole is big enough to fit like 10 babies legs in...but anyway, dont worry it shattered all over the floor. i proceed to stand there and stare at the floor all embarrassed.
when i really just wanted to run and hide & the only thing i said was "i feel like im at work..."which is weird because i never break things at work...except once...
Pug is Ashamed
 The man walking by said "clean up on aisle 8!" and kept pushing his cart. Um is chivalry dead. HELP ME.i finally decide i should find someone- it goes like this:
"hi do you work here?" he is wearing a maceys shirt and nametag...heres your sign
i respond with "that was a dumb question of course you work here" he laughs
"someone (the someone being me..) spilled salsa on aisle 8, i just wanted to tell you." i walk away. I then walk by and realize it wasnt even aisle 8...thanks again guy who thought he was funny.

when you hear from your back room "going where no man has gone before..." and you come out to see your boy getting high fives all around....

when your room mate says our goal is to make boys salivate everytime they see us and her man goes "i never do" blahh and your boy tells all your room mates "whatever, i salivate everytime i see caitlin" and you picture yourself lookin like this but uh no...youre in a hoodie and this is most definitely not the case and you act all embarassed but you love when he says things like that

when you go to school with night before makeout hair. you know the hair...because you were too tired to shower. yep i said it. #sorryimnotsorry

when you send a text to your room mates that says "SOS! it's small and i'm stressed!" is taken the wrong way...and her boyfriend sends a text back saying "tell him to put that thing away!" and everyone thinks its funny when you were really just talking about his apt
the minds of some people...

accidentally grabbing/tickling your room mates boyfriends foot while the "nesting" is occuring on the couch. "i didnt know what it was!" "so you grabbed it.." "uh yeah..."

when your teacher asks you to lead the discussion on a reading you know nothing about..well uh compatibilism is really interesting actually...lets see if i can BS my way through this

when the sunday dinner crew thinks its a great idea to go around the table and say one thing about your boy so philip can learn a little more about him and Stephen goes i can sum him up in one phrase and you know what the phrase is gonna be but you cant get fly across the table fast enough to cover his mouth or knock him unconscious or both
& this probably isnt appropriate in Sunday dress anyway...
 and "welcome to my mouth" comes out and you know everyones gonna want that story but uh...good luck getting me to explain that one guys.
xoxo Cait xoxo

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