Sunday, February 17, 2013

where are your pants??

Sometimes you walk into your apt and you think your room mate isnt wearing any pants and things get a little awkward..."uh where are your pants.." "i'm wearing them, you just cant see them..." Sometimes in relief society the three girls to your left are snapping photos of themselves....during the closing hymn and you are just really confused. I'm sorry, we are in relief society...Sometimes lyle and i start off sending eachother funny videos of children and the gets me hooked on youtube videos like this one, which is HILARIOUS
Sometimes you try to lessen the blow in telling a boy you didnt like something he got you by telling him something really bad before like oh just throwing this out there you made out with someone else and he'll freak out about that and you can easily tell him you didnt like the gift. But then sometimes it goes wrong and he cant get over the first thing you said and once you tell him hes all okay with it and thinks its really funny but tells you not to do that haha whoops. Sometimes you still feel sad that when you met Jef Holms you didnt ask him any secrets about his cool hair and you wish you did because you really love it. Sometimes the boyfriends of the apartment are really confused about valentines day and they say things like this: "if i'm gonna light you a million candles you can get me a USB card" or "do you wanna go to an all you can eat buffet?" real romantic or my favorite "well if its like christmas i'd love some shoes..." when another roomates boy chimes in with "i want things like that, i didnt know it was like christmas..." hahaha its not...Sometimes mike is the funniest person ever! Sometimes your super bowl party is a huge flippin success and so many people come and you realize you would be happy throwing parties and entertaining forever. Sometimes this weeks episode of the walking dead causes anxiety. And sometimes you know youre in Utah when you hear things like this :"do you think the prophets watching this?" "i'd have a stronger testimony if he did" or "hes mormon and hes playing on sunday" and "i'm here for the halftime show...""i hear theres a football game at the beyonce concert tonight" or when mitch says"thats so ravens..."everytime they do something good. Or "she needs to put some pants on..." "whatever if i had legs like that i would never put a pair of pants on...ever."Sometimes your bishop tries to go all marriage on you and talk about love and you are not having it...but then sometimes you realize he has a point but a wedding is not happening...this year. Sometimes you have a terrible terrible day where everything and anything that could go wrong does and youre feeling all like this

but then you remember your life cant be perfect all the time and you still have the best life ever :)

"baby youre my cigarette, i wanna give you cancer" hahahahahaha uh

" i have a thing for the salt and pepper look."
"...what does that even mean?"

"i mean if you like kissing rats..."

"i thought you were gonna say you would eat the animals and i was like caitlin is the wrong person to be telling this plan to. and i am also the wrong person.."
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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