Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the spandex made me do it.

let me first say that i would not be blogging on this moment except afterwards the boys looks over at me and says "i cant wait to read the blog about this." so there you go. i'm gonna assume thats his approval at me blogging about this. do you know what happens when you wear spandex? boys kiss you. or should i say you finally give in and let boys kiss you because well that boy has tried kissing you the last 5 times he saw you. No exaggeration here- if anything it was a lot more. Did you also wanna know what happens when you wear your tease perfume for the first time? well you are definitely not a tease thats for sure. In fact, this perfume may have the opposite effect and you can never wear it again because it was the perfume you were wearing when you gave in. Thanks a lot Victoria Secret.

Ok ok, just kidding i wanted to. The night went a little like this:
boy wants to kiss me way bad. we talk about it bc well, we talk about everything.
boy asks why i dont wanna kiss him- this reason comes to mind
"well then i have to buy my room mates icecream & they'll know i gave in"
" dont wanna kiss me so you dont have to buy your room mates icecream? punk"
"i guess thats not really a good reason huh"
or ya know it could also be this boy would be my first kiss and i dont want to finally give in after all these years...then boy asks me if i like him. mmmm....Well i like you...a lot. do you like me? shakes head yes.
Whats that? i cant hear you."yes..."
pause. i should just let him kiss me...
boy hovers over me. then boy kisses me. it last about 3 seconds before i tense up push him away and freeze. I would say i made him sit there for about 30 minutes! ok sike but it felt like it, when reality it was probably 30 seconds. Being the ever patient guy he is, not a word is said and he doesnt even move. Thoughts that are occuring in my mind at that moment:
OH NO, what am i doing?, how did this happen until finally well we already started...
then i relaxed and pulled him close again. we kissed some more until i pushed him away from me and covered my face with my hands and said OH NO. yes, this was said out loud. It was pretty frantic and i am not surprised when the boy says "i feel bad." well i wonder why he would say that...

I then told him i was supposed to be holding out until our date!...that was coming up on was Sunday night. Boy responds with "we dont need to count this kiss, it can be practice." Then we talk and boy doesnt try to kiss me again. Um EXCUSE ME. Am i a bad kisser? The answer to this is no btw. So i snuggle up real close to him expecting him to kiss me again and he goes "cant get enough of me huh?? Now you want it. You knew you'd get addicted." I then proceed to give him the look. The look he gets so often haha and loves. Moral of the story: tease perfume + spandex= boys will kiss you.  
xoxo CAIT xoxo


  1. aaahhhh yes, finally the story about the kiss! I lurve it! I lurve you Cait! you paint such a good picture, and knowing you....I could totally picture it all! I'm glad your roomies finally got ice cream! :D