Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oh waiting is NBD

So little unknown fact about me: WAITING, yeah, not really my thing. Its not exactly that i'm impacient....yes, yes it is....i just dont really like to wait on anything. I'm the "i need it right now kinda person." While Lyle has been out of town for almost two weeks, i've been going through some er phases because for the time we've been dating hes been gone 4 out of the 7 weeks and i'm really starting to miss him. In the meantime, i've figured out the different stages a person goes through when waiting on someone, or well, at least me...
1. this sucks but we can do it! [stage]
after all, it is only two weeks & whats two weeks? uhh ETERNITY
2. WHY AM I SO BORED [stage]
3. The everyone asks how you are doing [stage]
Caitlin how are you? Do you miss him?
and when they dont believe you & ask again...
4. True life- I am the third wheel [stage]
well i found all my friends...& their boyfriends- if i had a dollar for everytime i felt like a third or fifth wheel
5. I may be kinda sad...
& thus consequently emotionally unstable[stage]
6. The "lets break up" i cant handle this [stage] how accurate...
7. The sadness subsides and the attitude [stage] sets in...
which leads us to 8.
9. I'm sorry i am crazy & now i'll be your #1 fan again [stage]
you can do it babe! You should stay the other two weeks i'm okay here...
10. The i know you wanna
because you miss me-so lets talk about getting married [stage]
11. the we are in the final stretch so i am gonna try not to freak out

but rather sit her all cute and patient [stage]
Better hurry home Lyle or you will be coming home to this...
I wish i could say that these arent accurate...i guess you'll just have to ask Lyle...Anway, we have a whole summer of waiting ahead of us when Lyle is in Houston and i'm in Europe so its good that i'm getting to be a pro at it. All good things come to those that wait though :) I cant wait for Sunday!!
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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