Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jef Holm Vs. The Measoms

Yesterday was a big day.
Not only was i going to meet Jef Holm (the winner of one of my all time favorite shows, the Bachelor but also cofounder of the company People Water.) but also, my boyfriends family. It is really hard to say which one i was more nervous about meeting...I intended to get up that morning and look as fly as ever but well that didnt pan out because i have early classes on Tuesday/Thursday. So i looked good enough...I skipped my ASL class {sorry mom} to go and see him and Hay hooked us up with front row seats. As good as Jef looked, i couldnt help but be really into the shoes he was wearing and point them out to shan at least 6 times. Anyway we waited in line to take a picture with him and even though i wasnt hyperventilating nearly as much as the girl behind me who was about to faint or the girl who was in front of me, shamelessly planning out her and Jefs wedding, i was still nervous/ excited. As soon as we got out there Jef held out his hand to pull me into a hug and then he looked down into my eyes and told me i was the girl he had been waiting all his life for and then we madeout and then i woke up...but anyway he was so nice and said how nice it was to meet me and smiled and said thank you and all in all he was a nice guy. I'm sure he could hear my heart beating out of my chest...i think everyone could. For a bit Jef talked about the Bachelor and how he watches Seans season and how he thought Tierra was crazy and he was so funny. He had every girl in the room charmed ever since his one on one date in the library with Emily and in person he is just as charming. He and his partner Cody gave a really inspiring presentation about People Water and all it does for people around the world and its so great! You should check it out.
Jef Holm did not in fact fall in love with me because i decided to look like this but thats okay, theres always next time...
Then i went home and showered before i had to meet some real important people, Lyles family. Lyle initially told me about it like three weeks before and i have been nervous for weeks. Everyone kept saying oh its not a big deal you'll do great but i've never met a boyfriends parents before so i was freaking out. We were gonna go to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen in SLC and then watch the Jazz play OKC which sounded like a lot of fun bc i have never eaten there before and i absolutely love the jazz. Lyle and i drove up by ourselves and let me listen to country music the whole way! even though he doesnt like it. He also told me a valentines surprise because he knew it would make me really happy and i wouldnt be nervous and he was right. He knows me so well. This and Heathers pep talk text that ended with "you are to lyles family as kate middleton is to america :)" hahahaha whattt- helped a lot.  i worried about my hair-straight or curly and i worried about what i should wear and when we got up there where i worried if we would be the first people and worried if we wouldnt. He spotted his family right away and we headed back- my death grip surely cutting off the circulation to his right arm. There is no doubt i looked nervous but they just smiled real big as Lyle introduced me. Then Lyles other brother and his fiance came and i was just waiting all along for the interrogation to begin but it didnt. They were so chill and occassionally asked me questions but they really just made me laugh the whole time. I thought Lyles mom was absolutely stunning-i even leaned over and whispered it to him along with his brothers girls as well. Lyles dad was quiet but whenever he spoke it was hilarious and its obvious Lyle thinks his dad is so great because he laughs at anything he does or says. Lyles brothers were so easy going and funny and Bryce even quoted this sneaky thing that Lyle does all the time and i just turned to look at Lyle and he goes "yeah were kinda similar huh." It was funny to see his family embarrass him because Lyle is a pro at embarrassing me. I walked out of the restaraunt on cloud 9. I was so happy, SO happy. I cant even express how happy i felt and how strongly i felt for him. I couldnt stop smiling and looking up at him the rest of the night- meeting his family definitely changed things. He then told me how proud of me he was and how good i did and how i didnt even freak out- not that he thought i would because "i'm so great with people" but still. We then headed over to the game and i got to talk to his family a little bit more and his youngest brother Kade. It was one of the best games i've been to and the Jazz ended up winning! I thanked his parents and even hugged his mom for setting up the whole night.
Lyle has the best family and i like him even more after meeting them. :)
xoxo Cait xoxo

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