Sunday, February 17, 2013

Be Mine.

I have always loved Valentines day.
This year i especially loved it because i had a valentine. We joked that for valentines day we should watch highlights of a jazz game because 3 out of our 4 dates have involved the jazz. hahaha
i first got a text from Lyle with this picture he had made. so cute
then while i was at school i got a text from my room mate showing me a picture of a huge flower box and telling me to hurry home. When i came home i found my favorite flowers and a cute little note. Typical Lyle paying for flowers to get sent to me when he could have just handed them to me when he saw me. Then Lyle came over for dinner- he insisted on taking me to dinner but i refused and decided to make baked ziti for him. Lyle is so easy though and loves everything i make. Lyle made a joke about how hes never seen me this early in the day haha. I work late and i really dont get to see him much between my work and school schedule. After that we got really excited for our puppy to come! Initially it was gonna be a surprise but i figure everything out so i kind of had an idea and then on Tuesday when i was pretty stressed he told me we were renting a puppy so i would focus on that and not worry about meeting his family. It worked perfect btw- everytime i would say something he would bring up our puppy. However, the puppy was over an hour late and Lyle started to stress that it wouldnt come and he said things like "i'm so sorry cait, i shouldnt have told you" "i ruined valentines day." So while he stressed i decided it was time to make dessert.! SO i made these!
They were so good and so easy. I used a bigger pan so mine werent as thick-but next time i want them thicker. I thought they tasted even better the next day too. Eventually Lyle got in touch with the puppy people and the puppy locked himself in the car this would only happen to me...and they said our puppy was going to his next appt. Lyle used his sales abilities and convinced them to bring us any puppy, so we got dexter! I had told Lyle a couple times we should rent a puppy so i was thrilled. If you had seen my reaction when they brought the puppy...i think lyle finally realized just how much i love dogs. i seriously almost peed my pants. It was probably my favorite part of the whole day.
Lyle really loved Dex too. Which made me like lyle even more. I joke with him all the time that if he didnt like dogs it would be a deal breaker. But its not really a joke ;)
this is blurry but i love it.
Its funny a lot of people thought he had actually bought me a puppy which, i'm sure if i was allowed to have a puppy he would. I know someday we'll have the cutest puppy. Lyle will probably propose with a puppy.
JUST KIDDING...then we took some family photos. I pretended to play house bc we had the apt all to ourselves and our own little puppy and lyle thought it was funny.
Best part? We got to play with the puppy for free because they felt bad! Then we went to see the new Nicholas Sparks movie Safe Haven. poor lyle right...I love all Nicholas Sparks books and have probably read them all 100 times. In all honesty the movie wasnt my favorite even though i liked the book but i am slightly obsessed with Julianne Hough so i still liked it. We had perfect seats and i would lean over every now and then and ask Lyle if he was bored- he always said no. He was such a good sport so i guess now i have to watch Star Wars or something with him and smile through the whole thing. Lyle even shed a tear or two at the end...hahaha sike but i thought he was crying and then made a joke but dont worry, he wasnt. Lyle then gave me this silver heart bracelet and i was going to give him this fleece jazz blanket but the material was hard to find so i had to order it since Lyle likes my blanket so much. And to close i just want to brag a bit about how lucky i am and since this is a valentines day post i can be a little lame.. I have the best boyfriend ever. Lyle always puts me and what i like or want first. He is always thinking of things that will make me happy like randomly buying and surprising me with one of my favorite movies- pitch perfect and then watching it with me even though i just drool over Skylar Astin the whole time. Or another time when he was in SL and brought me back cheesecake from the cheesecake factory! my favorite dessert ever. He is always always spoiling me. He is so easygoing and so happy all the time. I love that Lyle sends me cute  texts all the time! like my favorite morning text "hey my beautiful amazing funny cute awesome girlfriend." He never gets mad, ever and when i'm stressing about being in a relationship (yes, sometimes i do that :/) he calms me down and talks me through everything. Talking to him is so easy bc he always sees both sides. I also love how much he loves little kids- like his friends daughter Kendie! Lyle absolutely adores her and shows me her all the time. He is also probably the most patient person i have ever met in my life and is okay with waiting until i'm ready for anything. I kinda sorta maybe love him. Anyway, I could go on and on and on about the many great things about him but i'll spare you. Hope you had a Valentines Day as great as mine :)
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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