Saturday, February 8, 2014

What I love about you boo. Pt 2

With V-day coming up and all that lovey dovey stuff I thought I would write a post for my man. 
When I kiss Lyle he makes faces like this
and he still looks HOT....what the hay
He helps out around the house
always. He tried to tell me to go sit down and pick a movie while he cleaned up this disaster after our super bowl party. uh I don't think so babe. You already do enough.
 He's the best handyman
I came home from the gym and he had put up the M in our bathroom! He has also put up the shelves in our room and a plaque. I'm so glad he can do that kind of stuff and know what tools to use and what nails and things. He loves his little makeshift shoe box tool box.
When I cant sleep he stays up too
When Lyle goes out of town I don't sleep. I can't. I get scared and freak myself out and keep all the lights on and Lyle calls me and talks to me all night if necessary. I tell him to go to bed and he refuses. He then sent me these adorable texts before bed. We have every text ever sent to each other & i love it
He sends me videos like this:
Even when he's away he always finds ways to make me smile. Lyle randomly sent this to me the other day. You probably will not find this as funny as us but we love this guys vine videos- he is weird and awkward yet hilarious. check him out!
He takes my blog pictures
Before Lyle left we took pictures of like 7 outfits and he doesn't complain! He tries to help me in any way that he can and when I cant climb over the fence in my skirt he pulls me through. When I told Lyle I wanted to get serious about starting a fashion blog he was supportive. When I told Lyle I wanted to start taking pictures he was supportive. Any dream of mine Lyle wants to help and push me. I love him. Lets be real, boys don't care about clothes but Lyle always listens to me talk about them. P.S you all get a sneak peek of an upcoming outfit!
Lyle is so overly grateful (if theres such a thing). He acts like I do so much, and tells me I'm the best wife and best cook and loves everything I make. He is always saying thank you. I love the way he appreciates me for the randomest things. He always has the cutest nicknames for me. He is always telling me how much he loves me. He is always trying to let me pick the t.v. shows. He is always telling me to buy whatever I want. He is good at making me eggs & toast when I'm sick and for some reason thats all I want...He is good at taking care of me from a far- like scheduling doctors appts (since I don't know where to go) and sending me pizza factory! my fav! He calls and helps explain how to use the GPS so I don't get lost. He tells me I am so naturally beautiful at times when I look like a troll. He loves to take me to school and wait for me even though he doesn't need to. He is the hardest working man I know. He is in Texas right now and KILLING IT. He never thinks about himself or puts himself first. ever. All he talks about is his recruits or me or anyone but himself. He's so happy all. the. time. He seriously treats me like a princess. When I think about my life I just feel unbelievably blessed...but when I think about Lyle I feel like the luckiest girl in the entire world. I am so excited for our Valentines day this year! AH
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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