Sunday, February 16, 2014


Mustard yellow is one of my favorite colors to wear. I have no idea why...but it is.
I think anyone who has dark hair should wear it all the time. P.S. ignore all the squinting, it was super bright when we took these a few weeks ago!
I love this casual outfit, especially my "Katniss boots" as I like to call them. I feel like such a bad A when I wear these, they especially look cute paired with camo or army green. They are definitely one of my favorite pairs of boots and they aren't even name brand, so they are pretty cheap! Gotta love that I've been going through my clothes and either selling them or getting rid of them since I've lost some weight. This blue button was in the get rid of pile because its gotten pretty big but then I still liked it, so I had to make it work. Layering is always the way to go if something is a little big- it's easy to make it work with belts, long necklaces, vests or cardigans. I paired one of my cardigans and a flowery belt to make this outfit a little girly. I've actually tried this look with a couple bigger shirts and don't ask me why but I like to wear some of Lyle's big shirts and it's not hard to make those sexy with the right accessories. Don't be afraid to wear stuff a little bit or borrow things. One tip when I go shopping: I actually shop in the boys or little boys sometimes, just have to look at the clothing because in many cases, I've removed things or added things and then you have a unique piece. I'll show you some examples of pieces I've done it with coming up! On a side note I kind of feel like a teacher in this...which is funny because I'm sure a teacher couldn't wear this...well maybe with dress slacks and different shoes? Anyway if you're getting sick of all the casual outfits I have lots of cute new date night outfits coming up because Lyle finally comes home this week and I get to wear them!! 
Boots: ForeverYoung (University Mall, Provo) but similar- steal or splurge Belt: Abercrombie similar here or here Blue Striped Oxford: Forever 21 similar here Mustard Cardigan: Forever 21 similar here
Do you know what I would honestly do for the belt though? I would buy a thin brown one like maybe forever 21 and then go to the craft store and pick out a flower I like or if you're really craft you can get material and easily make one (I do them for headbands all the time) and hot glue them on. Btw if you all don't have a hot glue gun you should invest in one, you can get them for $5.00 at some craft stores and in cute patterns too and mine saves my life! Anyway, I know it works because Murphy actually pulled one of these flowers off and I had to fix it....Don't be afraid to think outside of the box!
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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