Monday, February 24, 2014

Better Late than Never

We celebrated Valentines Day a week later than everyone else. No big deal though because instead of one day, we got a whole weekend! Lyle tried to insist he come home from Texas for it but I thought that was ridiculous and didn't mind waiting a week, plus two of my favorite people were getting married and we both would rather have him home for that anyway.

 Lyle surprised me with a weekend trip to Park City! It was seriously the most amazing weekend ever. He planned it all by himself and i was WAY impressed. The wedding was on Friday, but first thing Saturday we headed up there. We stopped at the outlets where Lyle let me pick out my own presents. He was so cute, telling me everything looked great on me and acts like I look like a model in everything. If only you could see his cute faces and how his eyebrows lift and he shakes his head and smiles. He tried to tell me to get "it all." HIM, not me guys. I was good though, btw everything in all of J.Crew was 50% off. Score. 
Me super excited about my new clothes. SO cute. Then went to check in our hotel. Lyle got us a beautiful suite! He had all these surprises for me too!
 sparkling cider- one of my favorites!
 My handmade card. I about died. I told Lyle handmade cards are my favorite. He was embarrassed and made me promise not to laugh but i freakin loved it.
 the room after I messed it up...

 Lyle got me TWO bouquets of roses! He switched it up with pink roses this year. One he had delivered to our house with chocolates and the next one was in our hotel room. Then he tells me to go look in the fridge. AHH. What is Valentines Day without chocolate and strawberries? I seriously love anything dipped in chocolate. He was so excited about his surprises and so was I!!
 One of the surprises I had for Lyle was a coupon book...You would have thought I gave him a million dollars...he told me it was the best present he's ever gotten and I felt sad if that was the case haha. He brought it up like a hundred times and always made sure he had it and took good care of it. He's the best. Lyle is so grateful for every little thing I do for him. Its so easy to make him happy.
 Then we went out to dinner! We ate on Main street at this awesome fancy place (see below). We just did something low key since our real dinner was the next night at the Melting Pot!
It was SO good. We split a meal and it was more than enough. Plus then we had room for dessert!
I was the only girl walking around in a dress and heels. Other girls were all wearing fur and I felt dumb for a second until one girl told me I looked pretty and other people were staring at me because they thought I was a celebrity and then I was okay with it
Bread pudding ^
 Then we took some selfies. Sorry we aren't sorry.
 Then we went hot tubbing!
The next day we woke up to an amazing complimentary breakfast and let me add they had the best hot chocolate I have ever had. Then we went SNOWBOARDING! I was so excited to go snowboarding for the first time. I was obsessed with the lift and honestly wished I could go up and down on that all day until I started actually going down the slopes.
I look so dumb in this picture because this was during my "lets get hurt phase"and I wasnt "good" yet.
It started out all fun ya know how things trick you like that. I got down without a fall the first run. Second time down I fell, and I swear I bruised my tailbone and then it wasn't so fun because I seriously could not sit down. Somehow Lyle got me to go down again and then I broke my head. Probably one of the more embarrassing falls a person could do because I wouldn't land on my butt because it already hurt so then I decided injuring my head was better and basically flipped over my board. And then after, I decided injuring my wrist sounded like a good plan. I went from good to bad and I was not liking the whole being bad part. I was so freaked. Then I was done. And wanted hot chocolate. Finally, Lyle coaxed me into going again and I decided to since I could semi feel my body. Then I was good again. What the heck? I could easily stop and get up and down and I was trying to get my carving down but toe side kinda makes me nervous but I loved it. Lyle tried to tell me he wasn't good but he looked good to me! I was amazed at all the pro 5 year olds though going down all by themselves and thought it would be fun to teach our kids at a young age. So impressed. I'm actually kind of obsessed with it now and love finding new things that Lyle and I like to do together. 
what a babe
Then we headed down to Salt Lake for dinner at the melting pot! Yummy. Lyle showed me a talent ha and let me add that it is definitely accurate haha
My outfit. My necklace has an L on it for Lyle...Lyle thought people would think it was for Leary haha
Also we didn't get too many pictures because after dinner I fell into a coma...whoops
 The best part was the smores fondue! We ate it so fast I didnt even get a picture! haha Next time we are going just for dessert cause it was ahmazingg 
We went hot tubbing, kissed in cars and pretty much everywhere else, shopped, ate yummy food, snowboarded, explored, watched a little bit of Safe Haven since we saw it last year and had the best time. I came home and was knocked out by like 8:30 haha and my cute husband put me to bed and brought me tylenol. We didn't have time for some of the other things I had planned for him so I guess we will do those next weekend when this handsome boy comes back to me. Can you believe after all this Lyle tried to tell me he wasn't romantic? I just looked at him like he was crazy. This weekend was perfect. Girls dream of the rose petals and boys doing this kinda stuff. I love him and I didn't think it was possible to top last Valentines Day but I was wrong. He is so amazing and I don't know how I snagged him. I say it every single day but I am so lucky. Lyle's the type of guy that in high school, I told all my friends I was waiting for. Guys would say I would never find the perfect guy but I did. Here's to an eternity more of love days. I cant wait.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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