Saturday, February 8, 2014

Will you asept this rose?

Sometimes I wish it was socially acceptable to wear robes out in public...especially big white ones that have your husbands name monogrammed on them because they are kind of amazing. Sometimes your husband convinces you its a good idea to watch Breaking Bad so you do...and you cry every. single. episode...sometimes silently though so your husband doesn't think you're a big pansy. What can i say? I just feel so bad for that cute little old teacher- someone help the poor man! Sometimes you are emailing someone and your dog keeps dropping his toys on the keypad telling you to play with him and then sometimes he goes and lays down and starts chewing on his bone until sometimes its not his bone anymore but don't worry its just your Vera Bradley backpack....Thanks Murphy. Sometimes you know you are shopping too much when you become friends with the employees at the stores....and they recognize you. But then sometimes one of them hits on your man...right in front of you and is flirting with him but sometimes your man doesn't know how hot he is and he is just nice and all oblivious and you don't even get jealous because he's mine suckkkaaa. Sometimes the super bowl was super boring. Now you know how old some of these sometimes are huh? sometimes I made more food that necessary and sometimes you eat pulled pork for the next 4 days...whoops. But sometimes having a party for every event and holiday is SO necessary. Sometimes the flippin fog is not helping you be able to start your photography business! Annoying. Sometimes a decision to watch Sean and Catherine's Fairytale wedding at midnight may not be the best idea because sometimes you might wake up 10 minutes after you were supposed to leave for class the night day but then sometimes you get there in 8 minutes and you do not regret your decision one bit. Sometimes you refer to the one year anniversary of when your man asked you to be his girl as your "booversary" and you figure you'll just refer to it as that forever. Sometimes its kind of awkward when you lose your car in the parking lot and walk by it and then realized you walked by it but there are a group of people by it so sometimes you stand there until they leave... Sometimes when your hubby is gone you craft every day...but the outcome is pretty sweet! AH I am so excited about our home. It is SO perfect. Sometimes cough syrup is the new water, and being sick is a breeze when you get to take that heavenly stuff every couple hours. Sometimes people really don't believe you when you tell them that your husband likes the Bachelor just as much as you do...sometimes maybe even more...when he asks if you two are going to start it at the same time and watch it together when he's in Texas...he's too cute. Sometimes he does the BEST Juan Pablo impression and sometimes embarrassingly enough its kind of a turn on. Will you accept this rose? He says it all the time haha. SHH don't tell him I posted it. He's the best thing thats ever been mine :) 
Sometimes I dream about Pizza Factory breadsticks...guys its bad. and Sometimes I dream about doing switch leaps and then sometimes I try to do them because obv if I can do them in my dream I'm a pro and sometimes they look a little....uh different. And sometimes if I'm gonna be a Jazz dancer I have some work to do... Sometimes you worry that Lyle's friends are cooler than yours (well not ALL your friends- don't worry guys) Just some of them because sometimes they all come over to watch the Jazz game and some bring wives and everyone is seriously so chill and then sometimes the night ends with watching Baggage and the commentators...aka the buds crack me up. Sometimes most of your nights seem to end with baggage or youtube videos and you are wondering whats happening... Sometimes your niece can real words and sometimes its insane cause usually that chatterbox shouts words that aren't real and then all the sudden she speaks names and not just any name, MY NAME. Well, what my nieces and nephew call me. Sometimes I just wanna brag that it is the fourth word she ever spoke right after dada, baba and mama...yup, I'm kind of a big deal- ...although sometimes I secretly think she would totally say Lyle's if she could say L's because she adores him. But here's some proof! Sometimes I miss my babies more than anything always.
Sometimes you miss Hawaii and all but sometimes you know that it is a total vacation spot because you could never live there because sometimes this to a local "do you have a krispy Kreme or a Dunkin Donuts here? I have a really bad craving" Girl: "uhmm no, I think we do on another island though" sometimes that is not helpful girl. Nor did they have any real food places except a few in Waikiki because rice and shrimp surprisingly get old. Also sometimes beach hair is sexy for like a minute, or thats what they want you to believe in the magazines but you should see that stuff in real life cause that crap is not so fly...and finally sometimes i always would be obese because everything tastes better at the beach. everything. I swear I dont think I have ever tasted better cheetos in my life. For real guys. Sometimes tonight I convinced Lyle to go hang out with his friends (I know I'm awesome) and then I got all excited and decided to whip up some Chocolate Chip cookies and I strangely had a foreshadowing of me with kids and baking them treats for all their friends and I kinda liked it :) and I felt like a super cool wife and cant wait can wait to be the coolest mom ever. 
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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