Friday, November 7, 2014

Back To The Real World

If we can even remember what that is anymore?! Well technically we are roadtrippin from Maryland to Utah right now and right now I am so very grateful for hotspots and laptops...anyway I guess we still have a couple of fun things planned because I, unlike most people, love road trips. We are staying in Chicago tonight and tomorrow and Lyle is so excited for deep dish pizza and I'm excited for touristy things. Then next we are going to Green Bay and seeing a Packers game. I must really love that cute husband of mine huh ;). After some other fun stops we will be back home. This past year we've lived in our home for less than 5 months...& we kind of miss it. But we just spent the last few days with my amazing family. No but really thats what they are. My parents watched Murphy for 6 weeks and mailed out things when we asked and they were fantastic.

 Lyle & I got to go to D.C. with my family. He has visited so many times and we have yet gotten to show him some of the monuments and things so dad and Sean took off work and we all got to take the metro into the city and the weather has never been more perfect out of all the times I have gone there! We were so lucky. AND it wasn't even crowded! My Aunt Deb and Cousin Tyler got to come too and its been so fun to grow up near them and see them for so many things. It's always more fun when they come. "We are so grateful Aunt Deb and Kylie..." #crap.
Tylers home from his mission!!!
 Then the next day Lyle met up with one of his oldest friends Brad for Lunch. Anyone know any LDS babes in the MD, VA area?! #Bradssingle 
And on the way back Lyle surprised my family with Georgetown cupcakes. Aunt Deb where you at?! Pumpkin Spice, Pumpkin Cheesecake and Salted Caramel = Heaven. Nay thought it was so cute that I run to the door and scream and hug Lyle until she heard me say cupcakes and then it wasn't cute anymore hahaha. But Lyle always gets greetings like that...come on now.

Lyle and I got a glimpse at parenthood being back home too...
One second Bray is helping us pack and the next I turn and see this...She's fast guys.
Look at these precious faces! Oh my. We are so head over heels for all three of the babies. I don't think its possible to love them anymore than we do honestly. They have us wrapped around their fingers, especially baby bray. I wish I could be with them everyday. When CJ was a baby I was there for absolutely everything and I miss it. They grow so fast. 
 Then one day Lyle and I were on crack because we decided to take the babies to Chuck E Cheese with just us. Every time we come home we like to take them with just us to do something fun. After almost 3 hours I had a headache but the kids loved every second of it. Uncle Lyle spoiled them with far too many tokens and pizza. At times I would look around for Lyle and find him playing guitar hero and other games like one of the kids. It was so funny.  A little foreshadowing if you ask me. 
 thats one way to do it bray...
lyle teaching the girls how to do it...
and he failed hahaha 
The girls loved all my jewelry and hats and clothes. 
 We ran at our favorite place. The leaves were AMAZING.
 I love FALL.
I am so grateful for my parents and all they do for not only me but Lyle too. I know everyone always brags about their parents and mine are ranked up there with the best of them. Our family isn't perfect but if you wanna know loyalty and love our family has it. Not many people understand how close we are and leaving them over the past 4 or so years hasn't gotten easier. I can't wait until I see them again. Why is Utah so far??
Love, Cait

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