Tuesday, November 4, 2014

One Year Anniversary

A little late butttt, our first year of marriage was amazing- lets do a little recap shall we? We started off getting sealed together in the Washington D.C. temple & having the most amazing reception courtesy of the best parents ever! They wouldn't settle for anything less than perfect. There was a moment where I was like we can just have our reception in the cultural hall dad (crazy I know) and my dad said absolutely not. 
ummm lets talk about how hot my husband looks here...
yes, I still have yet to publish my actual wedding day post
We then went on a dream honeymoon to the dominican- a week & a half of sun&sand. The Dominican was my first time out of the country & I had a serious culture shock! It was so sad to see such poverty there. And everyone rode these little motorcycles. They would squeeze 3 people on some of those tiny bikes, it was insane. We stayed at an all inclusive resort and having Lyle speak fluent Spanish was the best thing ever. It was SO unbelievably useful...because even those at the resort spoke very broken English. We rode horses on the beach, kayaked, snorkeled, played tennis, went to Limon waterfall, played with parrots, ate tons & fell in love with the beautiful country.
These little boys stole our hearts! We stuffed a bunch of our drinks and random things we had and gave them to all the boys. They were so grateful and it melted my heart. This will forever be one of my favorite pictures and I can't wait to volunteer abroad & help out more children.
Then we came back and moved into our lovely little home we bought in Utah. It took a while to decorate and put things together. I started school up again in January and then Lyle had earned us a free trip to Cancun so off we went! 
Then we came back and lucky me we had Spring break and got to enjoy the sun and beautiful Oahu, Hawaii! But shortly thereafter Lyle left early to set up the office in Texas so he was gone a couple weeks while I finished school until I met him down there and we spent 5 months living outside of Houston while Lyle worked. It was an incredibly hard time for us. We spend every waking second together when we can- when Lyle isnt gone on sales trips for weekends or weeks at a time and his long hours during the summer were an adjustment but we still had so much fun. We had the cutest apt, with the sweetest pool that I took advantage of everyday. I baked, I cooked, we had Vivint people over for dinner, we went to the beach and ate amazing food. Lyle and I will forever miss the cookies&cream pazookie from BJ's, Taste of Texas, Seabrooke Waffle Co & the pulled pork sandwiches/breakfast burritos from Buckeys. Ohhh man. The food in Texas is the best. The memories made there will forever be some of our favorites- good and bad times, we made it through and came out even stronger.
Lyle surprised me with cute surprises and date nights
and I made him peach cobbler, waffles and my very own pazookie- including the best chocolate chip cookies ever. 

then after a trip back to Utah we headed back to Texas and drove all the way to Maryland where my family is from! It was a fun and long drive but we stopped at some cool places along the way...and Murphy rode shotgun...we got to hit our one year in Memphis. It was perfect and lowkey and amazing. To celebrate our one year Lyle took me on my trip of a lifetime, 6 weeks in Europe! I feel so blessed to have a guy like Lyle. He is a saint to put up with me. He is kind, funny, loving, the hardest working man I know, thoughtful, honest and a worthy priesthood holder. This year absolutely flew by. I'm still in shock....out of our one year you spent like 5 months in our home and me 6! Its been an adventurous whirlwind and I couldn't do it with anyone but you. I can't wait to travel more with you, reach our goals and see what the future holds. Guys, marriage is the best. Its not always easy but the blessings are neverending.
Love, Cait

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