Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Walking in Memphis

 While in Memphis you should....
most definitely go to Graceland. I have always enjoyed Elvis's music & yeah he's a stud for sure but oh my gosh I have a serious crush on him now. I could spout off facts about him to make you fall in love too like how much he loves his parents and how he would randomly pay for peoples hospital bills or just how giving he was in general. We just did the mansion tour (which if you have a student I.D. is $3 cheaper). Theres a VIP one that gets you to the front of the line but we showed up around 8:45 am and we didn't have to wait for anything! It opened at 9 but as we were leaving the line was insane, so I suggest getting there early. Here's just a couple of the tons of pictures taken.
For some reason I love this picture.
The Jungle Room.
Me absorbing all the Elvis goodness I could get. 
maybe skip the Peabody Ducks but if you don't get there early to get a spot! It was cute and all and I was lucky tall people felt sorry for me that I got a spot right down front because we were most definitely not early. I love ducks and mostly all animals so I enjoyed it.
Tour Sun Studio or if you don't have time visit the little malt shop inside and snag some good pictures because this place is bursting with history.
Explore Beale Street.  
Lyle LOVED Memphis. We spent our one year anniversary in Memphis eating some of the best barbeque, listen to blues music and amazing street performances. It was so fun and I absolutely loved all the amazing signs on Beale Street. I felt like Memphis was a little sketch honestly but it was such a cool place to get to explore. 
Love Cait

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