Monday, November 24, 2014

Leopard + Plaid

We are settling back into the old routine here at the Measom household. Lyle just got back from a sales trip in Saint George last week but Murphy and I stayed here and played!! applied to jobs... I actually already was offered two but both would need me on Sundays so I declined. However, I got a call back somewhere and I'm headed there after I finish this post. Okay but I really did get to play too. Anyway lately I am loving graphic tees lately. Not the ones that say I'm hot and I know it (is that even a graphic tee saying?) well you know the ones I'm talking about...but I loved this tee. First off it is 100% accurate, just ask that cute husband of mine, and second I can dress it up or down. I just got another cute tee too that I plain on wearing with this sparkly skirt- like I said, dress it up or down. They are fun and right now I'm just gonna roll with this new love of mine...along with the Pina Colada Orange Julius and buffalo plaid. Oh also sorry about the picture overload, I just couldn't decide! Happy Monday everyone
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Old Steve Madden boots (You can find a few on ebay or the Steve madden troopa boots in black are the same minus the studs )

Love, Cait

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  1. Loving your blog, especially this combo! Would be great if you could check mine out. ♥