Sunday, September 25, 2011

I know theres a blessing in here somewhere...

Some days I really have time to see all the blessings in my life. It's something I need to be seeking out and focusing on, but this week was amazing.

Umm wheres the blessing:
So i love doing service. I know a lot of people are like yeah whatever who likes that, but i absolutely love doing things for others and helping out. In Maryland I volunteered at an animal shelter. It was something I had always wanted to do and I even remember calling at age 14 or so and they said I wasnt old enough. Eventually I did it though and it was an intense process. However, I have called 4-5 animal shelters out here and either the number was no longer in service or they never called back. I have been so bummed, I really miss that in my life. Like who turns down free help? Come on now.

Heres the blessing: So the next day after deciding that I needed to start looking for other volunteer opportunities, I walk into UVU and theres a whole hallway of service opportunities. It was amazing. I walked up and down the booths seeing what each one had to offer, keeping an eye out for service involving animals or old people. Ya know the good stuff... ;) and I found one for each! I contacted a retirement home type place and a therapeutic horseback riding place for special needs kids. No animal shelter, but how lucky am i that this happened?

Not really a blessing:
The beginning of this week dragged on. It really has been sucha yuck week of me missing home and dying for my parents to getting out here and just being kind of unhappy, which isnt a usual thing. So my roomie Hayley comes home and gives me some really great news, which yes, it does turn everything around.

Oh yeah, its a blessing: UVU is getting a womens lacrosse team! So trying out. SO happy. I miss lax & cant wait for it to be a part of my lifeeeee again. yay! They should be having a meeting soon, I hope all goes well, ill keep ya posted.

Def not a blessing:
I go to Sojo to visit Kaley with a bunch of friends. We eat in the new sizzla and so on. We leave and head to Salt Lake and I realize I dont have my lanyard with my debit cards, license, etc. WHAT.

just kidding, its a blessing: So the creepy manager (whose like 30) decided to hit on one of my gorgeous friends Emily (19) and he got her number. No one had the stores number and it was really late. Thank goodness Em had the creepy managers number who said he had the lanyard (oh phew) and he would hold onto it and we could come get it after. See, creepyness (sometimes) does pay off!

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