Sunday, September 25, 2011

IN like SLIM

what's in, in my book

Why? Well i love the hair, the fashion, the makeup, etc. I love to see what they are wearing, they piece things together so amazing. [well not everything, some of its a little out there..] I just love to use them as style & beauty icons.
cute huh? I dont know if you can see the shoes that well but im in love with them. Well i got the necklace for about $6.00 and the shoes for about $9.00. My total was around $15.00. The original total for these two items was supposed to be about $60. I love a good bargain, but who doesnt?
Having mom and dad come to visit is so in right now. The hotel is booked, the plans are set, and i am pumped. I love my parents to death & want them here

whether it be about life, fashion, food or photography I LOVE them
If i were you I'd check these out:
When I find new blogs I seriously get so excited! Granted I am not a mom yet but the first one has really good recipes and fun ideas as well. I learn so much from these blogs.
and well devotionals. I know I still have a while okay but I just found out he is doing the Friday devotional at UVU on December 2nd. I will see him, in person! I am so excited to go to every devotional, thats one of the reasons i like going to school out here. But anyway so exciting, he is one of the funniest comedians ever and one of my favorite little reads is above ^. My grandmother got it for me a few years back for Christmas and I thought she was trying to say I was depressed haha but its a really amusing book. So happy about this!
Dang. So last weekend, Em and I went to this dance at Thanksgiving point and it was fun and then we went to eat after and saw some guys. Em makes us stand there "talking" and they eventually wave us over. Oh NBD just some of the BYU hockey team. I'm shocked they have all their teeth and impressed by their beautiful looks. I feel bad for overlooking hockey players all these years and would like to give my apologies to the sport. I hope I have time to fit in some games...
wow talk about inspiring. I'm so in love. I'm so reading the book now.

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