Monday, September 5, 2011

1st Impressions are everything

I successfully completed my first week of school for Fall 2011. Phew, boy am I glad thats over...Instantaneously I knew how I felt about every class, teacher and the people in my class. I got a good feel about how this semester was gonna go down with my roomies, school and new ward.

Now a lot of people say you can't know right away how you feel about someone or something, that you have to get to know them a little bit before you start doing that, so I wanted to see if how I felt was correct...

Me knowing me, realized that an early class would be utterly ridiculous and slightly foolish, therefore my first class starts at a pleasing 10am. Not bad huh? I initially tried to sign up for a 9am class because thats a good time too but it just didnt fit in my schedule, so 10 am it complaints over here. Being an overachiever I arrived about 45 minutes early for it, well not that much of an overachiever, I just underestimated my direction skills. But its okay because my daddy called to tell me goodluck on my first day of school and I thought it was so nice. So my first teacher is deaf. Panic attack. Now first off, I am one of those students who likes to ask a lot of questions and always know exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. Well shes deaf, so we dont understand eachother at all and this isnt going to exactly be possible. First thought, I'm gonna fail. Second thought, why is she making fun of us for not understanding her and embarrassing ourselves...isnt that the reason we're taking this class? because we want to learn? Oh well. Oh and did i mention its a non speaking class? A class that I have to be silent in, isnt exactly my kinda class but i'll have to get used to it.

WAS i right?
Well yes and no. I no longer think I'm gonna fail the class. I have surprisingly picked the signs up very fast. When youve learned a language before, its supposedly easier to pick up another one and I agree. I love that I can understand some of the things shes saying. However I still think shes not the nicest teacher I have ever had, the fact that shes deaf will make it a lot easier for me to learn. I am so excited at the thought of being completely fluent someday! I'm hoping on an A in this class :)

I hate you. You have never been a friend of mine, so the thought of you coming back into my life makes me sick to my stomache. So I know you've probably heard that there are Math people and then there are English people, I am hands down an English Person, a reading, writing and editing person. Basically I love it all. First impression of the class? Well I loved my teacher. Hes so flippin cool and its not like hes even one of those 20 something year old stud teachers so I automatically like him kind of deal. Hes way funny and wants us all to succeed. Within the first 10 minutes of class he made a Top Gun reference and in my book he was as good as gold, I knew he was alright. Now I'll be honest, I am so terrible at math, granted I havent taken it since my senior year of high school so its been 2 years. Remind me to tell my future children to get the stuff that they dislike most out of the way. I took the English courses right away and aced em and now I'm stuck with the math ones and even worse off then I was. Another failed class. Oh and the kids in the class...Well let me just say the teacher asked if it was 1 past the decimal or 1 passed the decimal and 90% of the COLLEGE students said 1 passed the decimal. Well there ya go, enough said. They are obviously all math people.
WAS i right?
I am actually hopefully gonna do really well in this class. Besides the fact that it takes me hours to do my homework, I got it all done and with 100%, not to mention I got a perfect score on my first quiz. And yes the teacher is still awesome. This class is definitely a lot better than I thought. I am so happy about this.

I love spanish so much. I have taken it for years and years now though, so taking an Intro spanish class...probably not the best idea. Well basically my teacher told me that this class wasnt for me haha which let me say is not my fault because I couldnt sign up for a higher level one without going to it. So I skipped 2 classes and found another spanish class. Now this one is just right or is it? Well its completely in spanish, which isnt a problem really, I was understanding absolutely everything he was saying and i was loving it however, I am terrible at conjugating which is kind of a necessity. I think its something I can remember easily though. My teacher seems pretty cool too.

WAS i right?
Well heres the thing, I actually dont know if I am going to stay in the class for more than one reason. One being yeah if I dont pick up this conjugating thing, I am not gonna accept anything besides an A in that class. But also, my first spanish teacher told me about  how she lived in the Canary Islands in Spain and she loved it and it got me to thinking, I would love to go to Spain. Dont worry, this all UVU has a great study abroad program, one that goes to Spain and it covers all of the Spanish classes and since I want to minor in Spanish, it would be perfect. It wouldnt save me any money, but it would save me time since I wouldnt have to take a spanish class each semester. I already emailed the professor in charge of it, so i'm crossing my fingers that it'll work out.

Last and definitely least HISTORY
Now I love history, my first semester at college i took a history class and l loved it. I learned so much and was taught a lot of cool facts I could throw out pretending I was really smart and all. Gotta love those right...But this history class isnt the same. Well for starters its a lecture class with over 150 students, no small intense discussions going on in this class...Its long and boring  and she just stands there and talks and talks and then she talks some more. Sometimes I find myself doodling or zoning out and I have to pay attention real quick so I dont miss anything. So much for me lovnig history and watching interesting movies.

And yes, I was 100% right about this class.
Still boring? yup. Still zoning out? Well duh. Great. I feel as though I'll still ace it but I dont see me liking it anymore, but hey thats okay right? You cant like every single one of your classes...I got perfect scores on my first three quizes. yes, I have already had 3 quizzes...All my teachers are doing everything online now adays which isnt really my thing because I find myself getting so easily distracting with facebook or online shopping sites and they are kind of complicated but if it saves some trees then great. I approve.

Oh I guess I shouldnt leave out my institute class should I?
Well I love it. Book of Mormon is pretty awesome. Now at first I wanted to take a dating and courtship class because I figured there would be a lot of really funny stories of boys persuing girls and advice on what to look for but I felt as thought I needed to grow more with the scriptures so I opted for this class instead and boy am I glad I did. My teacher Brother Hunter is awesome. Hes this little old guy and the first thing he says is a joke about going out and finding our sweetheart right after class...Of course a marriage joke..well I am living in Utah, gotta love it! I learned so much in just the first class. So me being a girl and well me, I was really hoping for some stud to walk in. In just one class, let me have a cute AND nice boy please. Lo and behold one appears. First impression-wow. Hes not usually my type but he is goodlooking, "really really ridiculously goodlooking." Long story short boy sits next to me and asks if he can sit there. I smile and say sure. Then being bold and wanting to know ahead of time if boy has personality so I say actually er well i'm saving it for someone...sorry and he laughs and says oh anyone but me huh? Impressed I carry on a bit, teasing and saying well actually yes and look around the classroom frantically. Boy finds me funny. Well thats good since I dont think I'm really that funny. I start to think though that he hasnt gone on his mission yet, he looks like he has somewhat of a baby face and sadness arises. Then he offers to get up and read his favorite scipture and as hes talking I hear the most beautiful words, "and on my mission..." hallelujah. Spirituality is such a turn on.

My ward: Is gonna be so fun. I can already tell. Everyones super outgoing and always wanting to play games and so forth. Boys? well no. But thats okay, they are just a distraction anyway.


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