Monday, September 5, 2011

What to do if your lifes awkward

i used to have a friend who would say "its only awkward if you make it awkward" or think its awkward. I guess everythings awkward in my book haha but thats okay
The how to handle awkward situations handbook:
1. laugh
2. change the subject as fast as possible
3. if all else fails, dont walk away, run

When your bishop thinks it would be fun to do speed dating on the first FHE. Boys sit across from girls and make casual yet slightly forced conversation. "Whats your name? and Where are you from?" have never been asked so many times. Next. Havent you heard that getting to know the boys the old fashioned way is no longer acceptable. I'm quite confident that arranged marriages are around the corner if we dont start getting married asap. Good news is, it cant get any more awkward than this can it?

When the boy in your math class turns around to introduce himself and you think hes kind of cute. Scratch that, very cute and before you two even get to talking he goes into this extremely sad and uncomfortable story about how he just got off his mission and his girlfriend who was waiting for him got married to his best friend. He swore up and down that he wasnt bitter, but he was telling a complete stranger this sad story...Now i know that you are emotionally unavailable AND I feel sorry for you, this is not a good combination here...

 [As the boys shaking my hand] "caitlin and *kyle sound good together"
What? no. huh

When your sign language teacher gives the sign to leave and you jump out of your seat to head to the next class and you realize that no only one other person has gotten up and youre confused and then you look at the teacher and shes signing for you to sit down and making fun of you and she was really just saying bye in the conversation...whoops

When your sitting at church, preparing for a break the fast Italian meal and three guys ask to sit at your table and they start asking everyones names and we dont bother to ask theres. Then they ask you where you go to school and you dont ask where they go to school. Matter of fact, youre completely shut off and theres nothing to say, so theres awkward silence. Umm why were you being stuck up? rude, you never are

when a creeper walks into the apartment randomly. Like he opens your door and comes in and sits down on your couch and you and your room mates dont know what to say so you say nothing. I mean maybe hes coming over for the party...thats in 25 minutes but none of you really know him so yeah.

*Names have been changed for obvious reasons

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