Sunday, September 25, 2011


I love Halloween, almost as much as I love Fall.
Now granted its not Halloween yet, but i like to start a little early and drag it out.
my favorite thing about it is all the haunted houses.
As soon as Fall rolls around I get so excited, even though im not at the tricker treating age anymore, which really stinks, I love the scary movies that come out, the decorations and houses. I love getting scared!
Last night a group of friends went to Sojo to see Kaley and sit in her section at work and then after we went to Nightmare on 13th street. I was slightly dissapointed because for $18 bucks it really wasnt that scary. I mean dont get me wrong it was worth it, I love haunted houses but my dad and I saw a television show on it and it was supposed to be way scarier than it was. Bummer. However theres one called Asylum 49? I'm pretty sure thats the name and you have to sign a waver to go through because they touch you. I'm in. Although thats one that you need a guy to take you to. I think thats gonna be the next one I try to hit up. My goal this Fall is to hit up all the haunted corn maizes, houses and forrest.
Ahhh I also need to start deciding what i'm gonna be for Halloween, great.

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