Wednesday, January 9, 2013

uh did you wash your hands...

Sometimes if i text you immediately after a game saying "what a letdown!" and you respond with "a letdown?!" and i say "the game...." and you say "what game?" well you are obv not a jazz fan and thats a problem. Sometimes i have writers block and only blog once in december and wanna cry. sometimes seeing a 3 hour movie at midnight was not your best idea but sometimes its the Hobbit and totally worth it. sometimes the boy youre seeing it with comes back from the bathroom awfully quick and you think its funny to say "uh did you wash your hands?" and he looks at you all confused and for a second you regret that decision until he responds with "oh no...are you supposed to?" Sometimes you spend all christmas break laughing at pictures of grumpy cat and walking dead humor. Sometimes at Kylies basketball games the family gets a little outta hand and its kind of embarrassing...sometimes the man across from you on the plane is eating rocks-like pebbles and you are so shocked that you lean all the way over and the so called rocks are in fact trail mix-a weird freakin trail mix...sometimes the microwave wont turn on and since you were the last person to use it its your fault right? wrong. "It must have been on too high, what was it on??" "dad im not an idiot...i can use the microwave." and sometimes you pray for a miracle before the microwave goes through the window... and you get that miracle. sometimes you have to work on a sunday and you chill in the bar to watch your team play and then they LOSE and you are yelling at the tv and your table tips you $20 because they feel so bad for you. hey, ill take it. And then sometimes the haters come out and put your team on blast and then youre like hmm did your team make it to the playoffs? Sometimes sports bring out the worst in a competetive person....sometimes youre singing evil as plain as the scar on his face to your niece (and if you dont know what movie this is from thats sad) and then you make believe draw a scar but accidentally poke her in the eye and sometimes she doesnt cry so lets pretend it never happened...and by that i mean you tell everyone you poked your niece in the eye and like usual, you cant stop laughing. Sometimes a boy leans over during the movie and says "will you tell them to pause it?" and youre at the theater hahaha. Sometimes this picture comes up and you and shannon basically fall off your chair because you are laughing SO hard. For a good 10 minutes. And everytime you see it you still laugh...

They said whaaaa:
"youre prettier and you can make his babies"

"uhoh time to get hacked up"

"i thought ray lewis was a jazz player."
please get out of the apt right now...

"im 27, im in settle city. I just gotta pick a girl"

"this guy just trash talked the skins, so i deleted him"
"oh no, im gonna be like i had a bad day and youre gonna be like i dont like that. DELETE!"

"i dont wanna work i just wanna bang on my drum all day"
"clearly an ancient song going on here"

overheard at Ruby:"its sunday though, thatd be a sin..."
"but youre looking for a husband. i think the lord would be like Go get a new dress!!"

"i used to be a waiter..."
"well its good you left that field"

"eating them like that is just like smearing fat on your body"
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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