Friday, January 25, 2013

Dont say the G word

"whatever, boys love girls in jerseys..thats like you standing there with a platter of wings"

I was kind of concerned that i wouldnt get to wear something cute on my first date but then i remembered i have a best friend to put things into perspective for me. So yesterday i went on a date. *gasp* i know right. this NEVER happens. but this time i actually said yes-partially because i planned it. Well you see we've been hanging out (my institute teacher would not like to hear that) for quite some time and we actually went on a mock date last Friday to see Mama-worst movie ever...and once again my movie picking priviledges were revoked...anyway i insisted on paying for myself since a movie was not about to be our first date. I actually say no to movie dates but we got our fav caramel apple spice drink beforehand and it was a good time. I wanted our first date to be a jazz game because we both love them so much. So boy arrives...10 minutes late might i add. ;) its okay i wasnt ready anyway- he just knows me that well haha. Boy let me pick my music the whole way! :) I held off playing country almsot the whole trip...well halfway because he doesnt like it. I tell him this is a dealbreaker probably every day but hes still around so i guess i'm still hoping to convert him. He lets me listen to it though. Then i get embarrassing texts like this:
"happy first date dayyyyyyyyy"-yes i counted the y's
lyle just laughs.
and ones telling me to take we did.
I'm gonna pretend this is our first picture together...but in reality the first one lyle is making a kissy face and i am covering my face
and then we went with two of my favorite people ever
and then we all caught pneumonia walking to and from the arena...
The jazz beat the wizards which is good because the wizards have the worst record haha. We had the best time and i dont think i have ever been that comfortable on a date, ever. He was also a gentleman in opening every single door, letting me go first, offering me his jacket bc he thought his was warmer than mine and holding my hand. Bits and pieces of our night:
"how many kids do you want?"
"3-4 you"
"ok i really want 3-4 too but i didnt want the same answer as you"
"meant to be"

and sometimes the G word slips out...for the first time on his part
and even though i wanna freak out i've already accidentally done it twice...whoops
"well i gotta kiss my girlfriend"

"youre the perfect kinda person to be a good mom. you love kids. youll be a good mom someday"

"so now that we're exclusive do i get to kiss you?"
"no! this is our first date! i'm classy" ;)
you better believe i stuck to that

"youre a little intimidating"
"you have these high expectations, not that i dont think i cant live up to them. i like them"

"now if were kissing here youre gonna be thinking of Gordon"
"yeah but then ill kiss you better!" ;)
win win. its a good thing this boy has a sense of humor
Kay and i just put up a G hayward poster in our living room

the night ended with a mini DTR in case you were wondering...that resulted in me avoiding the B word twice in one sentence and circling around it so much that one simple sentence turned into a paragraph in which lyle understood nothing. But no, commitment doesnt freak me out or anything..
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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