Monday, January 14, 2013

winning me over

I never like a guy the first time i meet him. like ever. so no surprise that this guy is any different. However, he is kinda doing a great job at winning me over. but dont tell him that...heres how it went down:
Boy comes over to say say hi because i hadnt seen him in almost 5 weeks.
We talk- i think its a great idea to introduce him to all the Bachelor contestants, he humors me. He pretends that he watches it every week and its his favorite show. I know better.
We realize the Jazz game is on. We obv turn it on. They win.
Room mates come home. Conversations like this then occur:

"whats making out bad?"
"...making out with your clothes off?"
"well thats sex..."
"...making out while robbing a bank?"
"well we know what youre into..."

"that why the two of us dont date, he doesnt make out"
"says the girl thats never made out..."

"i wouldnt rape kiss you that hard"

"are you wearing your new perfume?"
"no its called tease and i dont want to tease you"
"you should get a perfume that says let him kiss you"

Thennn I realize i am starving and havent eaten in hours. Chinese food is ordered.
A hand of Five Crown is played. Boy gets last place. He responds with
 "at least i didnt get 5th place!"...there were four of us haha.
Heather then  picks Rio. Her and Stephen start to fall asleep. Its turned off.
Jared then picks Paul Blart Mall Cop....its terrible.
Boy and i sit far apart. K insists on us using a blanket. I blatantly scoot closer....twice. K and J are texting me to make moves. Two days before i told boy "we are just friends." Hmm wonder why no moves are being made...Boys arms are folded. Boys arms are under the blanket. Basically boys hands are anywhere but near mine.Time goes by. I make a comment about the girl in the movie taking all this initiative and the guy doing nothing. Still no move is made on boys part. Uh that was a hint! I'm impacient. I sigh. "do i have to do everything?" I reach my hand under his arm and intertwine my fingers with his. Thought i said it quietly. I did not. Room mates all look. I get poked in the side. H is excitedly motioning if were holding hands. I nod yes. Anyway Boy then looks at me surprised. I casually look at boy then back at the movie. No big deal....or i'm trying really hard to not make it a big deal. Boy is a really good hand holder. The movie ends. People leave. We just sit there. Conversations like this then occur:
"i figured if i tried anything youd stand up and tell me to leave or something like that"

"i never let anybody get this close to me...ever"

shaking leg
"oh i see why you were doing that now, you just wanted to hold my hand"
"or i was just really nervous..."
"youre driving me crazy"
"okay ill stop"
"no in a good way"

"i really wanna kiss you"
i shake my head no & smile
"its ok im patient"
"how patient..."
"really patient"
"so like one..two weeks?"
"in two weeks i might be going a little crazy"

nods towards heathers poster Wars end kiss btw
"so uh have you ever wanted to do that?"
"oh okay"
"sike i wanna do it all the time...with everyone!"
boy looks at me. i really enjoy saying ridiculous things to him
"you didnt even try to kiss me!...i wanted to reject you."
boy then jokingly tries & i turn my head and smile
"ok but now you cant add me to your rejection list and not talk to me"
what boy does this just to make a girl happy?! but even worse what sick girl gets happy by this...*raises hand in the air embarrassed

Press repeat for the next night. With things like this being said
"your leg isnt shaking today"
"yeah because im comfortable now"

"i love everything you do"
Boy tucks hair behind my ear and traces my jawline with his finger
"is that one of your moves?"
"no thats not a move"
"good because its not gonna work"
"this is a move. You kinda tilt their chin up and..."

"youre great at cuddling"

kissing scene in never back down
nudges me "are you paying attention?"
Boy is now gone for a week and I am left with a lot to think about. Boy is playing it right by playing it cool. xoxo CAIT xoxo

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