Sunday, January 13, 2013

whad up 2013

Hello 2013.
I am really excited about this year. and by really excited i mean REALLY.i'm gonna travel. i'm gonna do what i want when i want. i'm gonna be more open minded. i'm gonna have fun. i'm gonna do things for the first time. i just get so excited thinking about it and the opportunities that this year will bring. So as usual i made some goals:

-be the best VT there is. always make contact
-read my scriptures every day
-pray over my every meal- even if i'm just alone and its cereal...
-go running or workout every day
-only drink water
-perfect my spanish
-no sugar or sweets ever!...ok ok dessert only 2 days a week...
-go on dates...bleh
-and be positive about it. yay!
-make time to try out some new recipes & not only be a better baker but a better cook
-focus on me and how i can be a better person.
-be best friends with the library again, read at least one book a month

yes, many of these are vague and i know i will add to them as i always do but its a good start and i am very excited for this new year :)

xoxo CAIT xoxo

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