Sunday, January 13, 2013

estoy contenta

Maybe its because heather just brought me home a brownie (for the fat girl inside of me) or
 that i am watching how i met your mother or that i got my sunday nap today-quite possibly a combination of all three but i am so happy. In all honesty its a 360 degree turnaround from last week when i was so concerned about how clean the apt was or rules and when you just let it all go its so nice. and i think i am doing very good at it because nothing is bringing me down. But some other things that have been making me happy lately are:

-that my sisters are coming to stay with me in two months and hopefully my mom too! my sisters have yet to come visit me so i am thrilled. i cant wait to have them meet everyone and see where i work, live, everything
-getting nice tables at work! Ones that leave me nice notes or tell me that i have the best smile
-hand holding & surprisingly cuddling...
-that my passport should be coming in the next two weeks
-and on top of that this year i get to leave the country for the first time ever
-when sheags tells me that the babies talk about me all the time and that cass points to everything and says that i bought it for her. hahaha ill take credit for that
-that i am planning on attending two upcoming jazz games! eeek
-when the jacket i really want is 25% off...
-that next month the walking dead comes back :)
-that shannon is being dragged across the kitchen by mike right now and due to her foot surgery she is on drugs and its hilarious
-getting 4 table sections on Friday and Saturday
-being able to be so open with someone & still have them like you
-getting 20% off my groceries because buy low is closing
-seeing PITCH PERFECT at the dollar theater.
-listening to i've got the magic in me from the above movie over and over and over bc i am so obsessed with his voice, its insane.
-when boys try to sing me songs on the guitar & rhyme caitlin with bacon...
-that the skins are NFC east champs and had a great season!
-^ my family ordered NFC east champ shirts and mine will be on its way to me shortly <3
-that sheags is sending me a package this week. love you!
-tomorrow is the bachelor!!! one of the only shows i watch on the reg
-last week we got chinese food :)

its really not hard to make me happy although i think these things would make anyone happy.
i am so blessed & you better believe i know it.

xoxo CAIT xoxo

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