Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cookie catastrophe

One time it was my turn to make dessert for Sunday dinner- no problem right?I make treats all the time, i can do this- so anyway I found these cookies- and lets be real there arent too many things that taste better than smores...so i made these babies
The dough itself is enough to make them but let me give you a quick heads up. Dont you dare think that you can substitute the marshmellows it tells you to use with the fluffy mini marshmellows. Or you will end up with cookies that are a weird consistency and then you may go try and look good because a certain boy is coming over and lose track of time and get cookies that look like this- mine actually looked worse but when heather told me to take a picture i was embarrassed.
...and then everyone will force you to make another dessert and on top of that every one will continue to ask if you set a timer and think you are now incapable of remembering things in the oven and i'm all like
i now need to redeem myself, so i'm off to find an amazing dessert
but for real try these cookies
xoxo cait xoxo

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