Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Challenge...

When i'm home theres a specific topic that seems to come up wherever i go. partially because jared likes to throw me under the bus with my old YW leaders and tell them i say no to dates...thanks Jared...
"oh are you dating anyone?"
"well i have like 5 boyfriends..."
which in translation really means...
I respond to these questions quite well i think...

anyway most recently jared proposed an idea for me during sunday school, that for every 3 dates i'm asked on i have to say yes to 1 of them. i laughed. Jared pushed the issue. I finally agreed...because well jared wont be finding out when i get asked on these ;) Jared decided to call it the challenge...hence the title. Him and K want to double date with me and right now its kinda difficult so to humor them i'm down. Mom also was down for the bargaining and said every week i go on a date theyll go to church....haha well great, once a week then. I mean there are lots of benefits of dating, especially dating me. Like the one below.... ;)

 For some reason everyone is deeply concerned about me....if it isnt obvious by these excerpts:
"when was the last time you went on a second date"

"if she doesnt find a suitor soon her father and i will have to find her one and then she will turn me into a bear." - look at what new disney movies do to my moms imagination...

"i wanna be on kailyns side!"
"why dont you wanna be on the side wearing the white dress?"

Things dont work out. 95% of the time its because i dont let them, my standards are a little on the high side, i pick the wrong boy or ya know it could be some of these things...
Maybe its cause when boys ask me to send them a "cute picture" over break i send ones like this...
and i am reposting it now....strike two.

or maybe its because when a boy tells me he likes me i respond with "no you dont."
...yeah probably not the best idea.

or even maybe when i get asked out by 5 different boys in one week (one that asked me to a jazz game even! saying no to that was difficult)... believe it or not
i get overwhelmed and cant date any of them.

or ya know maybe talking to boys who are friends isnt a good idea?

but worst of i think i like vs how i really look. this must be the issue the majority of the time.
xoxoCAIT xoxo

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