Monday, July 18, 2011

call me, beep me if you wanna reach me

I have never been a big fan of talking on the phone. Well let me rephrase that, i have never been a big fan of talking on the phone to most people. Throughout my life, there has been a handful of people i have been able to talk to on the phone...besides my family probably five people. I was never the teenager who spent hours on the phone because id rather text although i do remember a few people who could keep me entertained on the phone for a long time...I really dont like the awkward pauses and the whole saying goodbye because its always dragged out too long which is why i have gotten in trouble because i sometimes hang up too early and cut people off...however i answered the phone on Saturday and it just made my day. After not talking to someone in a couple weeks and then hearing their voice i was smiling like "a 4 year old on Christmas morning." I couldnt see myself  but thats what i was told. Funny how a simple phone call can make someones day huh?

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