Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

I love 4th festivities!
I've sat and watched fireworks at Lake George at my uncles lakehouse, at the beach with friends and now right next to the mountains in Utah. Pretty exciting first i'd say. No offense Utah, but i dont think it tops sitting in the sand and watching them right next to the boardwalk or my favorite 4th ever sitting on the dock with my feet dangling over the edge and watching the fireworks go up in one of the prettiest places ever. However sitting on my tiedyed blanket behind a school in Pleasant Grove beside the mountain was pretty fun. After working a lovely double where i made no money but had a lot of fun, sarah and i went to the fireworks. Miranda, Kam and Dustin were going to meet us.
but then it started to rain & sarah and i got real sad :/
but then we turned around and saw how small the blanket was and started laughing-this picture doesnt even show you how bad it was and then we pictured dustin complaining about the rain and then the blanket and then we started laughing so hard because they were gonna sit down right at the finale...
we could not stop. i love sarah!
but the rain stopped and the show was amazing! then we all went out to dennys to eat. I did miss dads usual fireworks display where he almost blows his hand off every year and the family BBQ. Oh and waving sparklers around and writing my name in the air with them like kylie and i did last year...

Sorry sarah has the group picture and other pictures on her camera...

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