Sunday, July 31, 2011

oh, you think im happy?

 well i am. Today Heather goes "you've been so happy lately & i love it, i dont even mind you leaving for Florida because i know thats why youre so happy!" At first i was like umm thanks? am i normally not happy? haha of course i am, sometimes happier than others though...But on the real, i have a lot to be happy about lately and just things that i like:
Bug Eyes
First off my nose looks crooked in this picture...its not. Anyway I tried fake eyelashes & i'm obsessed. I dont know if you can tell from this picture but they are amazing. I didnt get the permanent ones, these are the $3 ones just for fun & i got a lot of compliments. I have pretty long eyelashes anyway but now they look way thicker! You should try them

Krafty Kid
This isnt the skirt although its absolutely adorable. Someday i
hope to be the mom who makes dresses & cute things for my kids!

I am amazed with my subconscious. In one of my dreams this week i designed a skirt. I'm sorry im sucha dream bragger btw...anyway I have always loved crafts, being creative and especially fashion so maybe my minds telling me i need to make time for that love again. I know this sounds weird but it was so vivid-the colors, the designs, i love it and i have to make it now. First cupcake recipes and now clothing designs. I am so so excited to work on this project. Matter of fact i have a lot of fun crafts i wanna work on-hair things, jewelry and my skirt. I hope i make some time to sew it!

Productivity at its finest
I dont have a productive picture...
Well i finally joined a bank! Took me long enough right. I got stamps to write all my letters. I have everything taken care of for school, i scheduled an interview for my temple recommend,etc etc etc

Pretty Pedicure
Summer time=neon orange toes.
well...for me. I love getting pedicures, the massage chairs you sit in while you get them done, how soft your feet are after, theyre just amazing. So today i treated myself to a pedicure and even got white hibiscus flowers on them too.

"We were starting to think caitlin didnt have friends..."-he who shall not be named
when friends visit me at work & sit in my section! 3 of my friends came in a little bit ago and i got so excited- heather was like if i would have known you would have been this excited we would have came in earlier! The only people who have visited me at work have been the Mickels and that was before i was even serving but it was still so nice having people come in to see me since my family cant

I N D E P E N D E N T do you know what that means?

Even though i am pretty independent, i love when people try and take care of me. Whether it be strangers, friends or bosses its the best. One Friday night it was late and the bus didnt go my route and the bus driver asked where i needed to go and i said Rain Tree and he went a different route to get me safely home so i didnt have to walk a couple blocks late at night. My mom was very grateful. This table i served the other day was so interested in my schooling they gave me the address and information for a great place to get scholarships which was so nice. Some of my tables are just so nice to me and its so sweet because im a complete stranger.
feather extensions

Bad news: they arent selling feathers to hair salons anymore til the appropriate season [winter]
Good news: when they start selling them again, i'm getting like 4! If anyone is still doing them let me know :)
lets go, GNO
Kaley and i went and saw crazy stupid love last night and it was really good. I love steve carell first off. It was kinda innapropriate at times...but ryan gosling oh my gosh, never been so attracted to anyone evaa. Kaley and i got the last two tickets for the theater too, it was funny we were like racing the people next to us. As normal we got yogurtland before and took it into the movie, not allowed-whoops. Next movie on our list? Breaking Dawn or Footloose! Following the movie, lotsa girl talk.
Still too long huh? My mom likes them this length though because i can brush them across my forehead. I still think im gonna cut em shorter though... hmmm

I scream you scream we all scream for FHE...?

awkward. uncomfortable. dysfunctional. wow.
I have always gone though, minus this summer due to work and well mainly the bachelorette. Lets be honest, all the bachelorette. But for the first time i went to FHE to support Rach whose the FHE mom, and we played pioneer games & did fireworks, however i did rush back in to watch the bachelorette because Obama finally stopped interrupting the show with his nonsense.
oh and florida in like 3 days?!dsgjn

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