Monday, July 18, 2011

i want to do everything, be everything & see everything.

thats possible right?

I have the longest bucket list ever.
I have so many goals, desires & ambitions- but i think thats a good thing.
I have always been that way
heres my list:
( btw if you write things down, youre more likely to accomplish them)

donate hair to locks of love
do a volunteer mission abroad
ride a motorcycle
write a book
run in a marathon & a triathalon
go scuba diving
sing the national anthem at a sporting event
ride in a hot air balloon
Ahhh see the balloon festival in albuquerque ( the most photographed event in the world!)
graduate college, then maybe further my education after that?
temple marriage
go on a cruise
go parasailing
ride an elephant
couples mission with my hubby ? :)
ride in a helicopter
swim with a dolphin
attend the world cup! (2014-Brazil?! hmm)
take a cooking & baking class
learn to sew...well
go ziplining
take a tour through the white house
go to a skins game with dad
see a Nascar race & drive one
see cirque du soleil...again
go to san diego zoo
go on a safari and not get mauled by a lion
see the northern lights in alaska (fairbanks)
go sailing
kiss the blarney stone WHEN i visit Ireland
take a ferry to the statue of liberty & go in it
sell photographs that i took-pursue photography
become fluent in sign language & spanish
go to a fashion show in NYC during fashion week
go snorkeling
shop at the mall of america
adopt rescue dogs, figure out a way to help the shelters
go to a drive in movie
work in a soup kitchen
attend oktoberfest in Munich
touch the great wall of china
see the lanterns in Tai ping taiwan
own a house on the beach
kiss in the rain and see if its worth all the talk ;)
volunteer at a retirement home
do geneology
have a family
drive a range rover
try out for a dance team/soccer team even if i dont think ill make it
Travel, travel, travel- everywhere
be successful in my career
spend a summer in hawaii

so make your bucket list

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