Monday, July 18, 2011

Wingardium Leviosa

Ah Ah Ah
I saw the last and final Harry Potter the other night at midnight and it was so amazing. I love Harry Potter.Yes, i have read every single one of them and seen every single movie. I remember my mom reading them to my sister and i when we were younger and as i got older i read the rest of them by myself. I feel like a HP expert because i could answer every question about the movie/background that was asked.

I went with a bunch of friends from work and it was crazy-
everyone was dressed up in cloaks and carrying wands, it was so much fun. I cant even tell you how creative some people were and how amazing everyones costumes were...if i hadnt worked right before i would have totally dressed up, i have always wanted to. In two weeks im going to Islands of Adventure and doing Harry Potter world for the 2nd time! Dont be too jealous. Funny thing is, one of Shannon & I's favorite things to do is say spells to eachother and whoever can say the most wins...its always shannon.
To sum it up, i love Harry Potter.
I'm sad its over, but so happy i got to experience it.
GO see it!

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