Thursday, July 28, 2011

10 things i [used to] like about you.

"What you want. The funny thing about that expression is its frequently at odds with whats right"
With that being said...

i like that you try to make me smile when im mad & i like that you do.i like that you hide behind things and peer out at me when im busy & it makes me laugh.i like that you inspire me in many ways. i like that you humor me and go along with anything i say. i like that you listen to me and say i can tell you anything. i like how you are so happy ALL the time and positive. i like every face you make, especially that one ive only seen once. No, i really like it-not because youre super goodlooking or anything but the faces you make are amazing.i like that you take care of me and think of me. i like that you make me feel special. i like when you kind of compliment me...i like that you use the term indian giver. i like that you called me fashionable. i like when we just talk and talk. i like that you love my strawberry shortcake cupcakes. i like that you look so good in a shirt and tie. i like that you call me CL. i like that you worry when you think youve offended me. i like how perceptive you are. i like when i tell you i like or dont like something and you remember. i like that we seriously have so much in common. i like that we both love chinese food...a lot. i like that that when you smile it reaches your eyes and that really cant be said about everyone. i like that you called me on my birthday. i like that you are the exception. i like when you defend me. i like that you look like flynn rider. i like that you are good at absolutely everything. i like that you try to sing and dont care whose listening. i like when you let me complain to you about really dumb things. i like when you dramatically cleared the back out so i could do my stuff. i like that you like my smile (for the job). i like that i like yours too. i like that you seemed impressed when i told you how i speak spanish. i like that for the life of me i cant stay mad at you. i like that you give me weird gifts. i like that you tell me i need to learn to accept your weird gifts. i like that you are so funny. i like when i said someone was cute and you were like "ya know people think were twins...". i like that you notice things and you said when i lie i always look away. i like when you tell me im ignoring or avoiding you and it seems to bug you. i like when you do impressions of me, theyre so funny. i like when you pretend youre offended. i like that that i thought you recognized my voice on the phone and then i realized i say my name when i answer...embarrassing. i like when you call me out for not saying hi to you right away. i like that you always wanna talk things through and youre way good at communicating. i like that you can tease me and with you i dont get mad. i like that you tell me flowers look good in my hair but first make fun of how big the flower is. i like that i am constantly seeking your approval. i like when people say im your favorite even though "you dont have favorites" & even if its not true. i like when you jokingly told me you knew everything about me & i wished you really did. i like that we have deep conversations & you told me all your thoughts and worrys with the new job. i like that everytime we talk i like you more. i like that you prove me wrong and teach me things. i like that you know my routine. i like that you tease me about the bus. i like that you offered me the ringpop. i like that you know when im being a brat its because your leaving is hard. i like that you get me when no else does. i like that you repeat things i say and look confused. i like when you cock your head when youre confused or saying something cute. i like that i remember the first time we met and i thought you were awesome even then. i like that you get annoyed when i expect you not to care about dumb things about me. i like that id rather be with you than anyone else. i like that you  thought i called you honey. i like the sound of your voice. i like that you are always scaring me. i like that you think i dont go clubbing. i like that i read the hunger games because of you. i like that you met some of my friends. i like that you charm everyone you meet. i like that you worry i cant cope with losing people in my life, even though i can. i like that i can tease you about being old. i like that we challenge eachother. i like that youre open and honest. i like that you always wanna hear about my dreams. i like that im comfortable enough to tell you my embarrassing dreams. i like that you always say goodbye to me-no matter what, its always personal-although you didnt really have a choice. i like that you think i sometimes have an accent. i like that you make me feel safe and protected. i like that even though youve never been to MD you remind me of home. i like that this list took no time at all to make and i couldnt ever
do this about anyone else.

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