Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lehi Roundup

Rodeos. Lets talk about rodeos for a second.
So i have never been to a rodeo before...
but Heather absolutely loves them, so we got tickets and gathered some friends
and went to Jackie, Christines, and Winnies wards BBQ
and then we went to the rodeo.
It was pretty cool- the weather was beautiful, they played non stop country music and there were tons of cowboys. I loved the cowboy hats. Not to mention all the girls looked adorable too- i wanted all their outfits. Irrelevant though.

Loved the horses, loved the boys, loved the roping of the horses, loved the bull riding, loved the motorcross, loved the atmosphere, loved the little boys dressed as cowboys (so adorable!)
However i did not love the innapropriate clown, the animal cruelty towards the poor baby calfs, the irresponsible parenting hahaha. I do love rodeos though! Maybe i need to go to another one for a different experience? :)

Irresponsible parenting at its finest. The baby was two...
Hot motorcross talent

my adorable best friend beforehand
Christine being an indian :)

the girls!

winnie & jackie

heather, christine and i

pretty friends
End of the night struggle
Hope you liked the picture overload

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