Monday, July 18, 2011

Good News Minute.

The past 2 shifts I have worked, I have made over a $100. With it being summer and all [meaning its slow] i am pretty happy about this

I am thisss close to getting residency. All the work is out of the way i just have to turn in a pay stub and another letter from work proving ive been in Utah all summer and i have so chances of me getting residency are extremely high.

I almost have over $1000 saved!
For me, this is amazing- i guess i can save money now? cool

I leave for Florida in 2 weeks- which means family, pool time, theme parks, palm trees, tan, richards, sonnys, my doggies, etc. so ready to go.

I finally got my nude heels- and for ONLY $22. What a deal.
I seriously want to wear them all the time & i will bc who says heels are just for going out?

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