Thursday, July 7, 2011

slightly selfish?

Right now i want to
 be able to do a fishtail. HELP. please & thank you
my hair is so flippin long right now, it would be perfect for one
get a wittle baby puppy

Not a shar pei though, this picture just makes me smile.Ya know the phrase a house is not a home without a dog? well its true & i miss mine, so i think we should break the rules and get one...just kidding strict housing people...
 go to a real carnival/fair with a ferris wheel
these are prob one of my favoritest things about summer and i have yet to go to a fair/carnival and eat cotton candy and go on a ferris wheel. why?
go on a shopping spree with all that dough im saving!
i would have a field day in Forever and H&M
Oh and shoes, lots and lots of shoes

meet a boy who looks like flynn rider

provo you are slacking in the boy department.
be in NYC for the summer

so in love with new york. Just saw some pictures on facebook of this girl living in NY for the summer and i almost died i was so jealous. Theres so much to do in NY i would just love it
break your heart
but i'd settle for your face since the first ones not possible...
have a car

yesss please. okay but really any car will do. I  am in desperate need of one
see this in real life
how funny is this picture?
Have this book in my possession

yes i've already read it but since im done the Hunger Games and it is summer- a time for
laying out by the pool and reading-i need it. Plus the movies coming out[yay!] and i need to reread it. Its one of my favorites!

and last but not least one of those cruiser bikes with banana handlebars and a pretty little basket. The bike will be either light yellow or a pretty blue. and i wanna ride it on the boardwalk right by the ocean. However, i could not find a picture to do my bike justice, so ill leave it up to your imagination.

hey a girl can dream right?

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