Sunday, December 11, 2011

what i love about sundays

well this one in particular,
the relief society lesson was amazing. We talked about journal keeping & how its important and looking back, we want to have written nice things about people, not mean things, well a lot more too...

we got butterfingers in sunday school. yes.

I wanted to go to Andrews class (hahaha so funny story about Andrew...) but he didnt have the soft cushion seats & Hayley wanted to stay. However, Andrew promised that he would get two soft seats next time just for me & "my recruits." special accomodations for me?? so nice ;)

i sat next to a really cute, yet taken boy in sacrament. whatever, still made my day

the choir put on an amazing christmas program, i really wanted to participate because i absolutely LOVE to sing but i never make time to go to practice...whoops

i made french toast, but it turned out to be the best ever!
probably because i put pumpkin pie spice in it...
doesnt look that great (this is just a phone picture) but it tasted it
but now i'm "studying" for finals
and by studying i mean blogging, checking my email, watching a hallmark christmas movie, texting, online shopping-obsessing over these booties, ya know the usual...
but hey one good thing, i figured out i can get a 45% on the final, like totally bomb it and still get a 95% in the class. Not so worried about history now..
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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  1. The temple is so beautiful! And your French toast looks yummy :)
    Brittany @