Friday, December 2, 2011

Things i failed to mention:

Shannons birthday was November 22nd! She is now 19 years old. 18 months apart, so alike yet so unbelievably different, in high school people never believed we were sisters because we were so different but they dont know how alike we are either. From our love of animals, to our stubborn personalities, our love of movies and eating popcorn, our ability to randomly quote lines back and forth, our love of reciting HP spells, reading, etc. You are the best and only little sister i could ever had. I I love you.
Hayley and i enjoyed FHE last week because we won the egg drop. I however thought one person stood at the bottom and caught it while the other person dropped it, however that wasnt the case. First we make some contraption and then drop it with the egg in it. If they all make it someone from another group gets to throw it. Hayley and i won...partially because the boys can not aim and kept throwing ours in the grass. Hey, works for me!
I saw Breaking Dawn at midnight! But only after Kay and i went shopping, ate at the usual and then hung out with Dazz. Finally we headed over there and out theatre was filled. After asking people if seats were taken were they said no then quickly stammered yes we sat in the very front. Very annoying because i think most of the people were saving seats so they could sprawl out, but this just wasnt going to cut it. Well there were like 11 theatres showing the movie and i was gonna find us different seats. Being the "rebel" i am i went to a different theatre and sat there and got us pretty good seats. I felt i was entitled to it since i have seen every one at midnight and seen them all like 3 times in theatres and most of the people who have seen the movies havent even read the books so i dont think you can call yourself a fan. [a pet peeve of mine]With my boxed set of books, my twi shirt and bandaids i consider myself among the top fans. Heck i should have had my own private theatre for viewing...All worked out and we werent asked to never come back again. dont judge me.
sooo i met a cute boy at work...he actually works across from me and hes a stud. I was just standing there and he came up and started talking to me and he did that not once, but twice. He has dark hair and BRIGHT blue eyes. Need i say more?

xoxo Cait xoxo

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