Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh i love it.

i want, i will strive for, i will eat, i will create, i will remember, i will wear it, i love it, i need it, i will travel

I want.
this ipod touch case. i love customized things. its from
Around $40, but give em your email & they send you coupons. Dont you love it!
i will eat.
Baked French toast. Have you noticed i love french toast?
I will create.
dear friends, dont you dare pay $40 for a necklace like this on etsy. You can easily make your own for half that. You pick out some fabric, ribbon and accesories you want, little pearls, gems, etc (may be pricey but you can use them for more than one necklace) then do the rosette tutorial (i have one on my blog) and voila, make your own. I love the second one more than anything.
i will remember.
The hard part is knowing whose supposed to do what...
i love it.
need all three. love me some puppies 
I would wear it.
yes. yes. yes. yes.
I will strive for.
Going for what i went. And saying what i want. Reaching them goals. You'd be surprised just how much that mentality helps.
i will travel to.
ive never been to Oregon but i want to. Its beautiful and i love this waterfall. This looks like the perfect proposal spot!
I need (to hear it)
this is so important. remembering this has helped me to say me prayers every day.
When i say this or think this, i dont forget. its amazing.
What were you lovin on this week?
xoxo Cait xoxo

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