Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Boy, you can bake me bread anyday ;)

Peeta you know thats directed at you right?
I dont know why i love this picture?
I am so EXCITED, i can not even see straight. March 23rd hurry up. The books are amazing. I have been staying up, hours after hours just reading them dying to know what happens next but the thing is, i already do. I've read them like four times and i still cant put them down. If you havent read them you need to. You absolutely CAN NOT see these movies without reading the books. Give them a shot. I know the movies will be nothing compared to how phenominal the books are but i'll be a fan anyway. I never even realized they were technically futuristic but they are also political and theres a perfect love story thrown in the mix. I hope the movie captures all of it. I love the characters casted, except i'm a little worried about Katniss...but i'm just gonna trust that she will be perfect when i see the movies. I love her character though, i wanna be just like her. In many ways i am, were more alike than we are different. I also wasnt a fan of who they picked to be Cinna because thats not how i pictured him...Gale is perfect. Peeta is perfect.
I wanna start a book club and talk about all the things i think about the books. They are so goo. Let me tell you the real reason i keep reading them, i found Peeta. Initially, if Gale and Peeta were placed in front of me i would pick Gale, black hair and olive skin are totally my type. But despite the blonde hair, Peeta would win out. His personality is so easy to fall for.
Reasons why i love peeta:
 He has bright blue eyes and strong arms.
He always has the words when no one else does
The bread story. My favorite thing ever.
I loved how cute he was in the cave.
All he ever does is try to protect Katniss
He is SO NICE.
He is funny but at no ones expense.
He is very good at remembering at remembering memories/details
I love the way the author describes his facials & how he looks at Katniss
I need to look up direct quotes, theres so many. After I do i'll add em to here. So thank you Peeta because now i will be comparing real boys to you...a fictional character. Dating will just be swell now.
I've also fallen for the actor playing him, hes adorable.
I can easily say these are my favorite books! READ THEM.

xoxo Cait xoxo


  1. I can't wait either!! I am OBSESSED. The only other thing I would add to this post is that boys will like the story too! My boyfriend and I both read and loved them. :)

  2. hahah. sigh. amazing post, love. thanks for sharing. if you get a sec I'd love to hear what you think of my latest post. xo


  3. Thank you for your comments! and shannon i LOVE that your boyfriend read them, i hope he liked them. I was trying to convince a guy friend to read them and he kept saying they were girl books but if anything i would say they are boy books with the violence and so forth. So i agree girl.

    And of course! I'll totally check it out :)