Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hair crazed beauty breakdown

So i know i'm donating my hair but the never ending question of when is weighing on my mind. Meaning when am i gonna man up and just do it. The answer is when i wont break into tears...
Five Reasons why i'm telling myself i can do it:

1. my hair is always in my food. When i bake or cook i now have to put it up because i would look down and i would be shocked that my hair even reached my cereal bowl/cookie dough/spaghetti 2. i am running out of shampoo. i always shampoo it twice anyway and i have double the hair of a normal person. A college student is too poor to be buying this much shampoo! 3. It takes FOREVER to blow dry my hair and then straighten it. Hence the laziness lately and looking like a crazed person 4. Long hair is perfect for cute braids, curls and so forth. But since i cant braid my hair and i'm too lazy to curl it at the moment, since that takes even longer, this isnt really a motivator. 5. my hair gets stuck to the back of my chair, and pretty much everything actually. if you ever have the opportunity to donate, please do. hopefully my little list will make you wanna donate too. When people tell me not to donate/cut my hair because its so pretty i tell them thats exactly why i wanna donate it.

Along with cutting the hair, i really want bangs! Like side bangs though, not the imma hipster girl bangs because i cant pull those off. Who wants to cut my hair? The Body Shop has a really awesome hair butter that you put in to condition your hair. If you go in theyll point you to it and you can ask for a sample. Really good for winter. You cant forget your hair.

i love glitter nails. OPI has great colors but its a little pricier for nail polish but i have a gold glitter one and its awesome. Glitter makeup is just fun. Go to town. Its also perfect for New Years.
Lather up in lotion, its winter
Wanna know my favorite holiday lotion? Well that would be Vanilla Bean Noel. From Bath & Body Works and its only seasonal and its smells awesome. Hands down the best vanilla scent ever. Scrubs, lotions & oils are all a necessity. Trust me, take it from someone who works with all that fun stuff
The face
1. Homemade pore strips. only two ingredients, great reviews.

2. Anything LC does it great. I can vouch for that.
3. For acne scars & more
REMEMBER to try them out on your hand or a small portion of your face before applying all over in case you were to have a reaction to any of the ingredients.

Dont forget the eyebrows.
I personally think they are too important to do myself. Go and get them done. No matter how good you do them they always look better professionally done. Trust. Make sure you tell them what you want though. I always say please dont make them thin! I always treat myself to pedicures and eyebrows, two i dont think should be done at home.
Dont let the dry skin, hair, etc get you down.
Stay pretty with fun at home treatments :)
xoxo Cait xoxo

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  1. Sydney has donated her hair TWICE. It has taken a really long time to grow back this time though.....but it's getting there, and it always will grow back. SO DO IT!